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Sexual Rejection

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months. This past month, our intimacy levels have severely dropped. Prior to this conversation with our friend, he and I had had a fight about our lack of sexual intimacy. I do all the kissing, touching, etc and he just lays back and enjoys the ride. Other cts of our relationship were great, but have been affected by that. I know that this issue has made us both resentful and I just need some insight into how I can make him want me again.

Ive done shit with exes and felt zero connections. And if he had it his way he would sleep with whoever and id only sleep with him. Because love is more powerful than sex, but both are important in a relationship. My argument is invalid in your mind; however, there is a large body of scientific evidence that backs my claim. Evolution did not reward women who were polyamorous because they and their offspring did not survive in large numbers.

Even then, most of the women I know prefer to be a committed relationship when having sex. Most of the men I know want sex without commitment.

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That is why it is said that women are the gatekeepers to sex while men are the gatekeepers to commitment. Men need love far less than women need love.

Men are not emotional creatures. Men, on average, are emotionally unavailable. Women get just as bored. They are un evolved. Cavemen still exist yes but men do get to an age where they jusr want comfort and happy being in love and companionship. When boys turn to men.

We have primal instincts yeah but some are tired of dating chasing etc by a certain time. Also love is stronger than flesh.

Mentally strong people mind over matter. Were not anumals. Something is very wrong here! What then can you expect after 5 years? At this point, there should be wonderful sparks between you. My husband and I were together a bit over a year before we married and we could hardly keep our hands off each other. It took a number of years with very gradual cooling down but never got to the point where there was so much effort required.

Of course, the level of excitement cannot be maintained but we have a 9 year old grandson. Yes, men have more difficulty being monogamous. Back in grad school, we learned about an experiment with goats. Each male was kept with one female and as goats tend to do, they had a great deal of sex. After awhile, the males were no longer interested.

However - when a new female was introduced, the male response level started all over again - very high! I do not believe it should have to be worked at so early in the relationship.

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He has problems that I feel are way too deep for you to solve. If I were you, Lena, I would move on. This is not the norm! Actually, what you do is you move on.

He needs to keep looking until he finds a woman he can be attracted to long term. She needs to find a man who is all the things this guy is, only not a flake.

Sex When Your Partner Says No To Sex Being refused need not be the end of the world, just a disappointment. Posted Feb 04, May 08,   The level of sex drive varies from guy to guy. On one end of the spectrum are guys who never seem to be satisfied. On the other end are guys like yours who have little to no sex drive. My Boyfriend Has NO Sex Drive. Ask Dr. Schwartz. Question: I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for only 4 months. The first two months we had a good sexual relationship. We were often intimate but definitely less than what I would have preferred or was used to with a new relationship. My boyfriend expressed that in the past he has.

People are too afraid to keep looking. Perhaps she should support her partner and help him through any issues he has instead of abandoning him! Perhaps she needs to stop thinking about herself! Thank you for sharing. I think 7 months in is pretty early to have this kind of issue.

I too had an experience like this. Je turned out to be a closet homosexual and was soliciting sexual gang bangs from numerous men off of craigslist instead of going to work as often as he said he was. I found out because of the resulting money problems that endee up affecting me really negatively. Super weird behavior. Sign of serious issues. Dump him and move on!

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I know that it is difficult for many women to comprehend, but guys place far less emphasis on feeling chemistry than women when it comes to sexual attraction. I personally believe that the emphasis on chemistry is the reason why the average woman is sexually attracted to far fewer men than the average man is sexually attracted to women.

For guys, new and exciting is usually good enough to invoke the primal urge to pursue and conquer a woman as a sexual partner. The problem with this drive is that it does not last. The problem here is not lack of sex drive. It is the wrong kind of drive, or as Jeremy would put it, a different meta-goal. I know that I personally got bored with most of the women I have dated as sexual partners within the first three months of meeting. It did not matter how good they were in bed or how novel they could keep things.

From that point forward, I was doing the slow fade while looking for my next sexual conquest. As I mentioned in a previous post, she is not remotely my type, but we have amazing chemistry.

It does not deepen his emotional bond with her.

2. You Have Different Sexual Appetites

The TL;DR version is that most men do not need to feel chemistry to pursue a woman as a sexual partner because men chase novelty. Men are far less selective when it comes to sexual partners. In fact, a lot men will sleep with a woman that they despise if they are horny enough. If a man loses sexual interest in a woman after short period of time, it is probably due to chasing novelty instead of feeling chemistry.

If sex is all about intercourse with the man failing to initiate passionate pursuit after the first handful of love making sessions, a woman can pretty much be assured that she was pursued for novelty.

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It is best in this case for the woman to exit the relationship as soon as possible and never look back; otherwise, she is setting herself up for frustration and heartbreak. I suspect that his issues are a lot deeper than stated here. You must be a very lonely person. If your first instinct is to run away. I feel VERY sorry for you. Lay beside him and do absolutely nothing but look hot. My partner and I have a great time together but we have been on and off for 3 years for this very reason.

I am older than him and feel that may be the problem. He can not be monogamous. I have always loved exploring sexually and like to be aggressive at times sexually.

Boyfriend no sex

I might add that I am a lot more attractive than most of his other women and alot classier, I guess would be there word for it. He could have intimacy issues but it sounds more like a character issues. I would have called the whole thing off after finding out from the friend he looses his sex drive after 4 months.

So agree with the posters above! Very poor bet for the future!

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Brenda you are me!! Tell him you want an open relationship and get your sexual needs met elsewhere. Men are nowhere as sexually selective as women because women are the gatekeepers to sex. Neither of your men have ED. ED is clinically the inability to raise an erection firm enough for penetration even via self-masturbation.

If either of your men are able to achieve an erection via self-masturbation, then the problem lies with desire, not the ability to perform. Or it could be intimacy issues, or even just plain laziness, i. Only the exciting, quick fix will do. Imagine if you married, had two children together, a house, bills, overworked, long days, etc.

The past year we have had no sexual intimacy. Like his sex drive is just gone. My hormones are raging out of control since i still have a high sex drive. Im beyond frustruated. He claims he has no desire for sex and it has nothing to do with me. When he does get horny which is rare I better jump on it right then and there or he will lose the horny feeling.

If your boyfriend has no sex drive, never initiates, offers no foreplay, and is not actively looking for solutions, then there's nothing you can do. Jul 12,   No two couples are the same, so the reasons why you and your partner are having sex less often might not be the same as for other people. That said, the best thing you can do is . Watch No Boyfriend No Problem porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more No Boyfriend No Problem scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

I was devastated so he promised me we can have sex after he gets off of work. He just told me that because he was still a lil horny. From my first-hand experience, there could be a possibility that the man is a closeted gay. I was married to one just divorcingand what is being described is a common trait among closeted men and women. In my humble opinion, she should take this as a huge warning sign.

Taking the pressure of him will just let him believe you are okay in not having sex. Trust me. Did that the last 10 years. Look at the possibility the man is gay. This is actually not that far from the norm.

What No Sex In A Relationship Really Means For You And Your Partner

There are a lot of reasons for this kind of behaviour besides wanting the sausage festival and for a lot of men it is actually something that passes. I had a similar problem once before with my current partner. I was very unhappy with myself at the time. It was more attributed to stress and a low self-esteem rather than anything. Of course this might not solve much either.

A lot of you people in these comments are not too dissimilar from a person mocking the sick. I have lost a lot of my faith in humanity from reading the responses to this question. But this guy has this issue with lots of women. And odds are that he has deeper issues. And all this gutless, sniveling coward can manage to do is whine to his friend. Leavening now is the smart thing to do.

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Acting like every person you date is deserving of your devotion through anything is childish. If you've asked yourself some of these questions and you still aren't sure what's up, you could be facing one of the more common reasons why couples start having less sex in relationships.

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Although we're all pretty busy, sometimes it feels like we're going from responsibility to responsibility with no rest in between.

If the two of you are very stressed out or very busy, it could have a negative effect on your sex life. If this is the problem, the best thing you can do is communicate and ask each other for help, both with the responsibilities in your life and with sex.

Lee says, "Any relationship requires negotiation and compromise, and that includes sex. It is important to communicate your sexual needs and wants, and be open to talking about it.

Lee reiterates that people and couples go through phases, so this could just be a stressed period in your life that you'll work through. The best thing to do is give it time.

However, if things stay the same for six months, she says, then you should reassess. Most of the time in a couple, one person is going to have a higher sexual drive. And contrary to what many women have been led to believe, it's not always the man.

If one of the partners wants sex more often, it can put stress on both people in the relationship and then the sex may wane. It can make the person who wants to have more sex feel like they're being demanding, and it can make the person who wants less sex feel like they're constantly being chased.

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The answer here is, again, to communicate. You also may want to get checked out physically if you think your libido is so low that something deeper may be wrong. After being in a relationship for a long time, it's easy to let other things take precedence over sex, even if they are good things for your relationship.

Maybe you really like Netflixing together, but the "chill" part of it just isn't there at the moment. Or perhaps you both like to spend time with your families, which is great, but not for your sex life. If you're having less sex because you're just not prioritizing it, then here's an easy fix: Prioritize! This includes, if you have to, scheduling sex.

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Lee says, "Pencil sex into your schedule and prepare yourself for it as you would a date. Make it extra special for you. It sounds weird, but scheduling sex can actually help get you in the mood - it gives you something to look forward to. Maybe your sex life slowing down isn't because there's something wrong. It could just be that you've fallen into the best possible pattern of what works for you.

At the beginning of a relationship, it's common to have sex like jack rabbits. But not everyone's sexual appetite is that sustainable. If you went from having sex three times a day to once a day or a few times a week, it may perfectly normal and healthy. If so, it may be time to get help. The best thing you can do is "recruit a task force" that will help get your relationship back on track. Lee says.

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