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DIY Arduino Sexmachine !

I will often get asked, "What is the most basic build you can do and still have a functional machine? Well, here it is For me, this is as basic as it can get and still maintain full functionality. When I say that, the machine has to be portable with both adjustable speed and adjustable stroke. I also wanted this to be a machine someone with little experience and few tools could make in a couple of hours.

Slashdong is just one of five websites he maintains to teach people how to build robots and other electronic gadgets themselves. Deathbots is another. Cost is only one factor that might encourage someone to build their own teledildonics system.

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Privacy is another, especially in those parts of the world where you can't pick up a vibrator at the drugstore. Sorry, Alabama. And you can customize it to do whatever you want it to do. You won't find any nudity at Slashdong, and in the future you might not even see flesh. QDot has learned that his "robosapien" and other bots can hold parts and sex toys for the photographs that illustrate each project tutorial.

For qDot, the site is about engineering and education, not about adult products or entertainment.

Sex Machine Build Update

However, he's quick to point out the advantages for singles - you can potentially have sex with anyone on the internet - and for non-singles. It's cool because you can use a lot of things for sex, but everything you learn up to that point can be re-implemented for other projects.

Before I talked to qDot I never would have thought to build my own teledildonics system. Now, if I ever have a spare moment, I might tackle one of the simpler projects.

Regina Lynn and qDot both frequent the Sex Drive forum, which you can join if you visit reginalynn. There's now self-powered rocking sex machines, vibrating saddle machines, thrusting dildo fuck machines, and every variety in between.

These machines can be powerful too, the best sex machines can move a dildo at speeds of 10 thrusts per second. An image from the book Sex Machines: photos and interviewspart of my reading in preparation for this guide.

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And the best vibrating sex machines? Any one of these has the ability to make you cum yourself senseless and leave you curled up in a puddle of your own fluids.

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The most difficult thing about sex machines is their cost, so first let's talk about the fuck machines that give the best bang for your buck. Here's some of the cheapest, but still decent, sex machines.

Build Your Dream Sex Machine. Last week I wrote about Violet Blue's demo of the Thrillhammer, a sex machine located in New York that she controlled from a laptop in San Francisco. What I didn't. Nov 16,   23 Profoundly Disturbing Photos Of Homemade Sex Machines In America. "I've made the ultimate sex machine. My machine will make more women come faster and . DIY Sex Machines. If you like building things and you like sex machines, you'll probably be good at building sex machines. Some websites to check out are and which have tutorials on how to build fucking machines. One of the cheapest DIY thrusting machines they show uses these materials: $45, drill from Harbor.

The thrusting is adjustable up to 3 thrusts per second, with a depth of 3 inches. It's a bit slower than bigger machines, and it's much more noisy, but it gets the job done at a quarter of the price.

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It also comes with a cheap dildo made of PVC, which is not the best material in my opinion, but you can switch it out for any vac-u-lock dildo, or use their hismith adapter to use suction cup dildos.

Since it's sold on Amazon, you can also return it for a refund within 30 days if it isn't what you expected. For this review I actually bought one just to check it out, and then returned it best way to review sex machines on a budget.

View on Amazon. The Hismith Handheld is the cheapest sex machine that's still good and safe. The outside is silicone rubber, a body-safe material, and the motor has three thrusting speeds: slow, medium, and fast. The main downsides? It only has a thrusting depth of 1.

But if you're okay with that, you'll probably be into this guy and vice versa. They've got a thrusting depth of 3 inches, and max speed of 2. The entire thing is 11 inches long with a 6. The small size makes it cheaper, but it's also more portable and easy to hide than the behemoth thursting machines in the next chapter.

Thrusting Sex Machines

View on SheVibe. A sex machine with thrust is a sex machine I trust- to deliver a heavenly pounding.

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They take penetration to new speeds and depths, and this section is all about the best ones. The Hismith is the best sex machine for middle-of-the-road budgets, and has a 4. You can control the thrusting speed using a dial, and it's very responsive, controlling it becomes a bit of an art form that you can perfect with practice. The downside of this sex machine is it has some exposed moving parts, making it a bit dangerous at high speeds.

Be sure to watch your fingers and your hair around this guy. Read my full Hismith Sex Machine Review.

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View the Hismith on Amazon. The Fuck Machine 3. This makes it great for anal, and you can stand over it and get in any position quickly.

It's made by Fort Troff, a company that specializes in gay sex toys, so it's designed to be the best gay fuck machine available.

Shockspot makes the "fuck machines of choice" for fuckingmachines. It can also vibrate while thrusting which is unique compared to other fuck machines. The Shockspot has with different programmed settings, so you can go hands free and enjoy the ride it takes you on. You can also program your own patterns using the app it comes with.

View on Shockspot. I want to make it so that everyone can afford one.

Ultimate Sex Machine Roundup: Review of the Top Sex Machines in

These days I'm selling about 30 a week. To review each one is beyond the scope of this guide, so i'll just let you check them out on his site. What I can say is they are all fairly priced, hand-crafted, and designed by Ken himself. On his shop there's also a large variety of dildo attachment types, ranging from suction cup to vac u lock varieties. Vibrating sex machines blow stuff like the magic wand out of the water.

They are the most massive vibrators you can get, and famous for the crazy O faces they conjure up.

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These can be adjusted from speeds of 1 - 10 using dial controls. Vibration setting from Anna Bell Peaks youtube review.

Here is a video of the machine:. If you have trouble finding one, shoot me a quick message.

I always have one lying around. The specific model for this drill is item but they ate the number quite often. NOTE: The auxiliary front handle is removable and you utilize the holes in the drill casing to mount the drill using Mmm bolts.

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The base was made using a stock piece of lumber from my local big-box hardware store. I'll do my best to explain this part, but some of the build process was just "eyeballing" the measurements.

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The vertical piece on the right of the base is the drill mount. The height of the drill mount is determined by the dimensions of your flywheel: Your flywheel needs to clear your base in order for your machine to work properly. The vertical piece on the lower left is the linear slide mount. I figure the oak will hold up given the hardness of the wood.

To make this piece, you simple start with a center-point. Using that point, use a compass to make a circle. I made a 8 3/4" circle so I could have an 8" stroke on the machine. After that, you need to plot out the holes determining the stroke length. To do this, simply measure out from the center. Jun 15,   you need to transform rotation to piston action, will have small strokes together with long strokes, unique.

To make this piece, you simple start with a center-point. Using that point, use a compass to make a circle.

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