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The token beach visit or bikini scene in an anime series is a convention of the media, often used as fan service or to help boost the sales of the accompanying bikini figurine soon to be on sale in Akihabara and Nakano. However often, the moment a heroine or loyal companion gets the opportunity to don their cutest swimwear offering can be a moment of pure fun and release. Taking these things into account, here is a collection of the girls in anime who manage to rock a bikini the best, be it due to their personality, the style of the bikini or the situation in which the bikini wearing occurs. How relevant is the bikini to the overarching story and to that characters personal journey. Therefore we must analyse the use of the bikini scene as well as the overall aesthetic appeal.

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Top 10 Bikini Anime Girls

Ass Big Tits Hentai. Cute Suzutsuki shocking the blood straight from the nose of Jiro by suddenly appearing in a very low cute and revealing black bikini, in stark contrast to her usual ruffles and high neck lines. This is both attention grabbing and surprising but also makes logical sense in terms of the narrative.

By exposing Jiro to attractive girls in a natural and non threatening environment, they hope to cure him of his affliction and allow him to move onto a meaningful relationship with the reserved Kanoe.

Monster Musume is a raunchy comedy anime that makes no attempt to hold itself back with its wild Ecchi humour and minimal clothing for all characters involved, protagonist included.

While most of the female monster characters and even the male protagonist himself are often physically exposed to provide comedy and light titillation, her revealing outfit is the only one that makes logical sense from a storyline point of you. If she was to wear normal clothing, it would be a ludicrous situation, only providing comedy for the repeated wet t-shirt moments.

This bikini makes the list because not only does she looks fantastic and fulfils many a fantasy, but it also actually makes logical sense in the confines of the over the top story. The world of School Live! This is typified by the character of Yuki, who due to psychological trauma caused by the zombie apocalypse and witnessing the deaths of many close friends, acts as if every day is a normal day at school.

There are many shocking and upsetting twists and turns in the story of School Live!

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While this could feel very forced in to meet the anime bikini girl quota, this is actually a much needed break from the upsetting emotional trauma, both for the audience and the characters. At this point Yuki is becoming aware of her delusions and just how dire her situation is, however she encourages the other girls to enjoy themselves and just act like teenage girls for one of the last times.

Nisekoi is a fantastic modern love story, complete with Yakuza families and great comedy. Onodera is a rather shy and demure character who has a genuine love for Raku, and also for her close friend Chitoge, something that makes watching their pretend relationship an obvious burden.

Throughout the series she is conflicted as to whether or not their fake relationship is developing into something real. The bikini scenes are poignant in Nisekoi, as it certainly helps to serve as a reminder that while she may not be as immediately glamorous as Chitoge but damn does she look great in a bikini. It is important for Onodera to have these moments of confidence and to notice the effect that this has on Raku to remind her of his true feelings for her. Amongst the likes of idol sensation, Rise, and refined Japanese beauty, Yukiko, Chie fills the role of at crude but loyal tomboy.

Throughout the investigations teams growth and the social bonds they form, Chie changes, from an angry adolescent into a budding young women. This is epitomized when the investigation team complete with mascot teddy venture outside of the confines of Inaba and travel to the nearest beach.

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Always having to be tough and having others really on you can be a burden, and to see Chie acting as any teenage girl should and looking perfectly cute while doing so makes her the most honest and appealing female character in the show. While choosing which girl to date in the exceptional video game port Persona 4 Golden was always tough between Yukiko and Chie, I always ended up falling for the kung fu princess!

Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! Episodes: 24 Aired: Jan - Jun Long have the rumours and sightings of the fabled headless rider circulated the corrupt streets of Ikebukuro. Celty is ghoulish female black rider, whose wispy spirit scythe brings justice to any gang members that dare get in the way of her daytime job as a private delivery agent.

She finds solace and comfort in her long time friend and later lover Shinra. One of the most surprising bikini scenes in anime, for a short period Celty is seen in an alluring little black number, complete with missing head and wispy smoke escaping from the empty neck. This is almost too much for Shinra, who can barely keep his hands to himself until she punishes him for being too much of a perv.

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This scene is very crucial in the development of Celty as a character, as it is the first time the viewer realises that she is in fact a women rather than a sheer monster. Despite the fact she is missing her head, she is incredibly sexy. While she obviously chides Shinra for his lustful behaviour, it is also apparent how much she enjoys being desired by the only man that she trusts and loves in the search for her missing head.

Umaru from the perspective of other high school students or local residents is the perfect adolescent girl, flowing golden locks, striking beauty, intelligent and courteous to everyone she meets. Umaru morphs into a chibi version of herself complete with childlike tantrums, slovenly behaviour, and a love for all things otaku.

Towards the end of the season, Umaru has unwittingly formed a number of lasting friendships with other slightly odd ball classmates and has even let her mirage drop on occasion before quickly reverting back to her pristine well mannered persona. The trip to Enoshima Island close to Yokohama and Tokyo is a heart warming one, being the first time she has been on a trip to the beach with friends.

Umaru of course looks impeccable in a bikini but to see her having natural fun with her friends without having to put up any barriers is perhaps even more appealing and attractive.

Asuna Yuuki is the famous captain of the Knights of the Blood Oath and one of the players responsible for defeating Akihiko Kayaba and releasing the other trapped players out into the real world and away from this death game. Asuna is also the primary love interest and person of support to series protagonist Kirito. If this sounds like a lot of responsibility then your right it certainly is, without taking into account her overbearing family life in Kyoto where she has little freedom to make her own life choices.

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Arranged marriage, schools, how she is to dress and style herself. All these things are decided for by her mother in a misguided attempt to give her a better life.

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This makes Asuna donning her exceptionally cute bikini in the virtual world of ALfheim Online all the more poignant. This is the only place in which she is free to be herself and relax with her friends she trusts and with the man that she loves, Kirito.

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