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Do Gender Roles Apply Beyond Marriage? // Ask Pastor John

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In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. This biblical and theological study offers an accessible examination of the key texts of Scripture pertinent to understanding female roles, affirming full equality of the sexes in family and church.

Using a creation-fall-redemption hermeneutical model, Beyond Sex Roles leads readers in developing a coherent method of interpretation for understanding the roles of women in church and family.

Gilbert Bilezikian deliberately avoids using scholarly jargon and complex argumentation in the main text of the book to encourage readers to interact with the biblical research. The aim is for nonspecialized readers to be able to follow his discussion step-by-step, evaluate arguments, consider alternative views, and arrive at independent conclusions.

This classic work on the egalitarian viewpoint will be a useful guide in undergraduate courses on gender and church life. In the Logos edition, this volume is enhanced by amazing functionality. Scripture citations link directly to English translations, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library.

For all intents and purposes, Christians no longer seriously argue in favor of putting human beings in slavery. It's a dead issue. This book takes the same approach with the question of a woman's place in the church and the home. Bilezikian begins with the Bible as a simple outline: Creation- Fall- Redemption.

He then begins tracing the history of mankind in Genesisbuilding an air-tight case that men and women were equal prior to the fall, with neither one in authority over the other. The fall introduced male rule over women, not as a punishment, but as an effect.

And he effectively makes the case that redemption restores God's original will and order.

From this solid foundation, every other scriptural reference relating to the women's issue is examined and discussed. By the time the patriarchal "proof texts" are covered, they can be understood through the lens of the overarching themes of the greater Biblical context, rendering them powerless to keep women in bondage as second class Christians.

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Bilezikian makes great sense of all of it. The extensive scripture index gives reference to 20 Old Testament books, and all books from the New Testament except 2 John, 3 John, and Jude. And the book ends with a summary section, and a question and answer session. It is thorough, filled with scripture, and an excellent teaching tool and reference.

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Although some will disagree with Bilezikian's conclusions, Beyond Sex Roles provides much food for thought to men and women concerned with being obedient to God in how they conduct their relationships.

It a good book full of deep biblical insights. The author gives an extremely exegetical and comprehensive view of the scriptures that pertain to the gender issues that the postmodern church faces particularly in the area of leadership and family. His viewpoint is egalitarian with the idea of leadership based on giftedness, not gender. He discusses the interpretations of scriptures surrounding the gender issues in an irenic manner. He is one of the seminal writers who have helped to bring a growing unity to the Body of Christ in these issues.

It's an excellent book. The author did an excellent job of explaining a topic long misunderstood and abused by so many. It answered many quesrions I've had for so many years. The traditional view of " women should not teach men" made no sense to me because God has been using me to teach men his Word for years! Now I know why that view has been taught for so long.

This book confirmed other truths I've noticed in the bible.

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I wish this book was required reading in Seminaries. The truth about this topic can only strengthen the body of Christ. This gives a excellent overview on the roles men and women play in society.

Beyond sex roles

It explains misunderstood passages of scripture and places then in proper light historically. My one regret is that I purchased the kindle version, It is harder to share that way. His careful exegesis and interpretation show that the Old and New Testaments portray a noncontradictory defense of human equality. The audience for this book will primarily be evangelicals who need a biblical perspective on women and who have struggled with the church's practice of ignoring women.

Because of the author's concern with that traditional view, he takes the opportunity to include in an appendix a dialogue with James Hurley's "Man and Woman in Biblical Perspective" Zondervan I commend the author for taking such painstaking care in response to another's published viewpoint.

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He does an excellent job of showing that Paul's ideas, interpreted correctly, uphold Jesus' treatment of women and further substantiate women's leadership in the early church. The exciting ct of this book for me is that it uphold both a high view of Scripture and a high view of women.

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Bilezikian begins verse by verse in Genesis, pointing out what is clearly said and what is not said. He concludes that equality began in the garden and was only disrupted by the Fall. During the period of the Old Testament-he calls it the "Old Covenant compromise"-God was merciful in limiting some of the effects of the Fall, but the ideal of the new community in Christ was yet to come.

The author faces the dark side of polygamy, patriarchal oppression, adultery and divorce, and the trial by ordeal. He also brings to light the beginnings of this new community through the history of women in authority in religious, civil, and marital life.

These hopeful "expectations" were the promise of life to come under the New Covenant.

Beyond Sex Roles, 3rd edition

With the coming of Jesus and "his fearless rejection of the male-rulership principle," we are at last called and enabled to live in partnership and equality between the sexes. Bilezikian gives attention to the ways in which Jesus used women as models of faith, restored the true meaning of marriage and monogamy, provided opportunities for discipleship and laid new foundations for leadership.

Bilezikian sets the family within the context of the church and clearly shows how Jesus' revolutionary teaching about authority, service and power are to be applied to both. In moving through the Epistle passages on women and men, Bilezikian demonstrates how the meaning of Paul's statements about relationships fulfill Jesus' teaching.

"Beyond Sex Roles" is a thorough logical study of women's roles in the Bible. Bilezikian, a professor of biblical studies at Wheaton College (at the time of the writing), employs a high view of Scripture to reach the conclusion that female/male equality and /5(48). Using a creation-fall-redemption hermeneutical model, Beyond Sex Roles leads readers in developing a coherent method of interpretation for understanding the roles of women in church and heynounce.comt Bilezikian deliberately avoids using scholarly jargon and complex argumentation in the main text of the book to encourage readers to interact with the biblical research.5/5(3). "Beyond Sex Roles" is a thorough logical study of women's roles in the Bible. Bilezikian, a professor of biblical studies at Wheaton College (at the time of the writing), employs a high view of Scripture to reach the conclusion that female/male equality and Cited by:

The problematic passages are shown, when interpreted within the context of the whole Bible, to contribute to Jesus' attitude of respect toward women. Dec 05, Jenifer DeCastro rated it it was amazing. The hermeneutical approach to a women place in the church and family was new to me. I appreciated the intellectual research and conclusions.

This book encouraged me as a women in ministry and will remain on my shelf to be referred to frequently.

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May 14, Lauren Butler rated it really liked it. A thorough look at scripture with freeing and empowering conclusions. Dense- took a while to get through it. Sep 05, Dorothy Greco rated it it was amazing. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand what the Bible says about women in leadership.

Dec 19, Simon Marshall rated it liked it Shelves: biblical-studies. Its not often that reading a book makes me think of Marmitebut this one certainly did. Readers will probably either love it or loathe it. In the third edition of his book originally published in Gilbert Bilezikian tackles the whole question of the place of women in the church and the family.

His starting point is a creation-fall-redemption model for understanding scripture, not in itself controversial and a helpful one in this instance, I think.

Bilezikian's basic premise is that the Bible teaches equality between the sexes as the situation pertaining to pre-Fall creation and to the new creation as manifested in the church.

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Part of the issue I have with the book is the polemic nature of his argument. His criticism of Hurley for glossing over statements or passages which do not fit with his thesis rings a little hollow when in his discussion of Priscilla as author of Hebrews he omits to mention the use of diegomenon masculine singular to refer to the writer in Hebrews Having said all of that, the book raises a number of issues and gives some interesting answers and is deserving of careful attention.

Jan 03, Scott Ristau rated it it was ok.

Gender Roles in Cartoons: Gender Studies

Reading this book was a fascinating experience. Never have I had so many things I wanted to affirm and reject in such rapid succession. Bilezikian's work here represents the standard egalitarian argument for gender roles. In its third edition for over ten years already, many have heard the egalitarian narrative from second-hand sources. However, this is a great book for students interested in how those who reject meaningful gender roles understand Scripture.

Bilezikian helpfully takes a Reading this book was a fascinating experience.

words... super, brilliant

Bilezikian helpfully takes a biblical-theological approach and walks through Scripture, starting in Genesis and finishing in the New Testament. While I was glad to read this interpretive perspective first-hand, I cannot recommend the book due to the author's unreliable exegesis and troubling conclusions. I was surprised both by how often I completely agreed with the authors concerns and affirmations, only to find some of his reasoning sentences later more alarming than I expected.

I can summarize my concerns in two areas. First, the author repeatedly does not do justice to the biblical text. While I appreciate his articulation of the importance of grounding our beliefs in God's word, Bilezikian spoils that priority by undermining the biblical text through repeatedly finding ways to explain away the clear meaning of the text and ignore context.

Secondly, the author seems to misunderstand his theological and interpretive opponents I admit my perspective here may be due to improvements over the last 30 years. But, so often he seemed to be arguing against a kind of make superiority that the complementarians I know would also reject. This book is for pastors and theological students, but I would not recommend for the average lay-person.

Oct 18, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: ownreligious-nonfiction. This is the best book I've found SO FAR that walks through the Bible and discusses all the relevant passages from an egalitarian point of view.

Sometimes I think he goes too far to make his case. Still, I have found his perspective very helpful in trying to figure out the best interpretation of Scripture. Feb 04, Kristiana rated it it was amazing. The most helpful, comprehensive defense of Biblical egalitarianism that I've read. Very thorough, so don't bother if you want easy answers. This is heavy stuff, but it gets to the root of things.

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Must be read with an open mind. Jun 17, Tracy rated it it was amazing. This book was pivotal in reconciling my faith with my identity.

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It helped answer questions that I've had growing up and corrected some falsehoods that other writers had imposed on others. Nov 28, Tom Wideman rated it really liked it. Very helpful for me as I sought to make my way through the gender issue of the church. Scot McKnight's "Blue Parakeet" was even more helpful. Jul 06, Terry rated it really liked it.

This may challenge your thinking about women's roles.

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Aug 06, Elaine rated it it was amazing. Top notch analysis and discussion on roles in the church.

Gilbert Bilezikian, Beyond Sex Roles: What the Bible Says About a Woman's Place in Church and Family. Baker Books, Bilezikian's thesis is that God created men and women as equals. Although woman came from man, man is born of woman. Any inequalities or hierarchical relationship between men and women is the result of the Jan Bros. Oct 01,   The thesis of Beyond Sex Roles is located half way through the book, ?Jesus taught His followers in word and deed to consider the gender difference irrelevant to the concerns and to the processes of the kingdom of God.? 3/5. Apr 01,   Beyond Sex Roles book. Read 17 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This first-rate biblical and theological study offers an accessibl /5(17).
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