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The Virgin - Steam Room

I love sitting for Carly Adams. She's got this huge bathroom with all mod cons. The whole thing is tiles and mirrors and glass. It even has a drain in the middle of the floor, so if you slosh water out of the bath it doesn't matter. The first time I ever sat for Carly I'd asked if I could use their bathroom after the kids had gone done for the night, and she'd laughed and said no problem, just leave it clean and tidy. And that was easy to do. Just a quick wipe of the tiles with a towel and everything was fine.

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The Virgin - Steam Room

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Couldn't Adam sense that I must be ill? Apparently not, because he just kept touching. I wasn't thinking at all when Adam decided to ravish me. I just lay there watching as he moved my legs well apart, kneeling between them. All I had to do was say no, but I didn't even consider it. I just waited, knowing what he was going to do. I could feel him moving my lips slightly apart, then the tip of his cock vanished between my legs and I could feel it touching me.

I held my breath and Adam started moving into me. He pushed firmly forward and I could feel him inside me, taking me over. Something gave and he was moving swiftly into my vaginal passage. Hey, that was my hymen going, came the thought. I thought that was supposed to hurt? At that stage I didn't give a damn. I was just interested in what Adam's cock was doing inside me. It was filling me, going in deeper that I though a cock would go, making my passage stretch to accommodate him.

If I'd ever stopped to really think about it I'd have thought a penis would just come in a little way, move back and forth a bit and spill its load. I had not envisaged a full sized cock sinking so deep into me that I seemed to be tiny me perched on a mountain.

Please note: this story is complete fictional! Never try to do it in real live! When I was little, I always wanted to see my brothers penises. I wanted to be a boy, but I couldn't, because I had a vagina. I used to hide in the bathroom cupboards for hours, hoping that I would get a peek at either of them peeing. I never had any luck. I was sitting for them one warmish summer's night. The kids were in bed and asleep. I'd half-filled the bath with warmish water, hot enough to feel good, cool enough to not overheat me on a hot night, added bubble bath and dived in. Not literally, of course, even though the bath seemed big enough. More like a mini swimming pool than a bath. Luna's new destiny awaits her but she needs to awaken first. Rest Stop Hanky Panky. Gil surprises Barnaby at the coffeeshop. College friends reconnect and more at a pop-up go-go show. As coworkers celebrate, Alice remembers a lesbian encounter. and other exciting erotic at!

Adam felt huge inside me. As for that move back and forth a bit. I laugh. One moment I was full of cock and the next it was being dragged back out.

'bath' stories

It seemed to take longer coming out than going in. I was just thinking, is that all, when all hell broke loose. Adam came screaming back into me, ramming his cock all the way home. Actually, Adam did the ramming. I did the screaming. After a few repeats Adam told me to quit yowling and start moving. It dawned on me that what he was doing wasn't actually hurting. It really felt pretty good. I was only squealing from surprise, not pain. And what did he mean, start moving?

Oh, yes. I was supposed to push against him when he came in. I quailed slightly, when I thought about having to push myself against that cock. But Adam said I had to, so I didn't have a choice, now did I?

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Next time Adam pushed into me I was ready and pushed firmly against him. He promptly shot straight into me, twice as fast as when I just lay there, and it felt fantastic. Now I was really ready to push against him and I was very quickly bucking under him in a most enthusiastic manner. It wasn't long before I was gasping and squealing again, but this time my squeals were pure pleasure.

I was having a wonderful time. I saw no reason why we couldn't just keep on doing this until Carla got home. It would sure help to pass the time and it was so much better than TV. Adam kept on pumping into me and I gleefully met him, and things seemed to be slowly getting faster and faster. Then Adam gave this shout and really started pumping into me. Spill its load, I'd thought. Adam's load just blasted into me, absolutely splashing around me, hot and heavy.

Bath sex stories

By the time the second splash hit me I'd lost it. I just shrieked and somehow or other I seemed to clamp onto Adam's cock. My legs were kicking into the air as I squealed and writhed under him.

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If I'd been watching I'd have been embarrassed for myself. As it was, all I could do was hope to live through it. When I finally sorted myself out I found Adam was standing in the shower, whistling. Me, I was going back in the bath. I reached over and turned on the hot tap, hard. Adam promptly howled, but sod him. A cold shower would do him good. He should have had one earlier.

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He dried and dressed and left the bathroom while I finished my bath more casually. Dried and dressed I finally wandered out and found Adam in the front room.

I could not understand it.

I really couldn't. Why the hell had I let him get away with that. It wasn't as though he was a Casanova. He was just a normal looking man. Not one that I would normally even look at.

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I couldn't help myself. I had to know. There must be some reason. For that matter, why did I let you? You were young and lovely and I wanted you. For you, I think you'll find the answer is a little more complex.

What would you say if I told you to take off your clothes again? However, if I caught you naked again, do you know what would happen? You're sexually submissive and will obey the dictates of your partner. When you're naked any man who projects confidence is your master. You're geared to obey him. So don't let any boy take off your clothes unless you're prepared to go all the way.

Also interesting. If a man has a good imagination I could have some very interesting times as I wouldn't be objecting. I'd have to be careful, but things could be fun. I'd be in control right up until I was naked. I may have taken unfair advantage but you actually agreed.

Reluctantly, maybe, but you were willing and cooperative.

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Now, if I'd forcibly stripped you, that would have made it rape. I'm rested up.

My 1st visit to the men's bath house gets intense. An interesting gift for a new wife in the bath house. I find out who was at the Bath House with me. Andy and Mark convince me to have more fun. My first story of an erotic m2m encounter at a bath house. and other exciting erotic at! Unplanned connection at the club So close. One wrestler has an ingenious plan, but will it work? Sarah has an itch only Hector's mean cock can scratch. Piper the cheerleader runs into her rapist at a frat party. and other exciting erotic at! Haberdashery, Hedonism and Highlights More confusion for Carla. Jeff becomes protective and deals with the fallout. He returns home to find his Ex-Mother-in-Law in his bathtub. A polyamorous trio's first Valentine's Day together. and other exciting erotic at!

Want to investigate how submissive you can be? It occurred to me that I used that nice big bath every time I sat for Carly and I sat for her at least once every couple of weeks.

Would I find myself in a similar situation in the future? Time would tell, I guess.

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Young woman shares a bath with an elderly man. Daniel tries to take a bath, Nakar interrupts. Jill is surprised and well fucked by John as a gift. Scores set to be settled. A short fantasy involving Nigella Lawson and other exciting erotic at! Brother was looking forward to a beer and relaxing. It had been a long trip back from school and after spending much of the afternoon unloading his car Scott was looking forward to grabbing a .

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