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Ok, this is it, this is the last bit, I left no opening for more. That said, enjoy! Bastila's hands were magic. Revan let out a sigh of content as her slave worked the knots out of her shoulders. The dark lord's plan had worked perfectly, Bastila's transformation was seamless. Outside of the quarters that they now shared, Bastila acted as the brash young Sith she always was, a ferocious fighter and capable leader, but once she crossed the threshold into their quaters, she instantly became as tame as any other slave.

The outfit consisted of a black cloth which wrapped in an X shape around her chest covering her breasts, showing an appropriate amount of cleavage and leaving her midriff exposed, a black loincloth-esque skirt which ended just above her knees, covering only her vagina and half of her perfect ass.

Two red bracers clamped her wrists and a golden slave collar around her neck. Her shoulder-length hair was tied in a messy bun, as her master liked it. The two were currently in their chamber onboard Revan's new flagship, Winter's Biteafter successfully taking Sullust from the Republic. Heavy casualties had been sustained on both sides, but after a bombardment from the Sith fleet, the Republic forces were wiped out.

Bastila had proven herself on the battlefield, having slain ten Jedi and taking out a Republic tank on her own. She was really coming into her own as a warrior. The mere thought of watching Bastila on the field excited Revan, thinking of Bastila's lithe body as it twisted, vaulted, and moved in the dance of combat.

Everything about Bastila excited her, and the feeling of her bare slit under her skirt rubbing against the Sith lord's posterior did nothing to quell her. The end of the chain attached to her collar rested just next to Revan's hand. She grabbed it and abruptly jerked her slave down such that she was laying flush against Revan's bare back, her firm breasts pressing into her.

Bastila came down with a yelp, which was silenced as Revan mashed her lips to those of the younger woman. Bastila immediately responded and returned the kiss with just as much fervor, allowing her master to shove her tongue in when she asked. Revan pulled away after a brief moment, still holding onto Bastila's chain she stated in a husky voice, "I want you to dance for me. Over the few months since Bastila had been fully seduced, Revan had her learn the art of exotic dancing over the Holonet, and, needless to say, Bastila quickly mastered her new lessons.

Bastila stood in a starting pose as Revan sat up and pressed a button on a datapad next to the bed. A slow, melodic tune rose over the speakers with a low fanfare and led into rhythmic, almost tribal, beats of a percussion instrument.

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Bastila began her movements gracefully, bending, twisting, and moving as if she were a seasoned entertainer. With each tap of the percussion, the slave would snap her hips to one side, then the other before finishing the flourish with a full rotation of her hips.

The dance was mostly in her hips, but at times Bastila would lift one of her toned legs straight to the side and bow it, before continuing with the movement of the beat. As another flourish came about, Bastila kicked one leg straight out in front of her and dropped to her knees, sharply turned fully around and began to move her chest and arms in a shimmy motion as the percussion gave way to the tapping of sticks. She stood back up as the vocals returned, keeping her arms crossed above her head as she moved into another flourish of kicking, twirling, and moving of her hips with the beat.

As the last beat of the drum died, Bastila ended her dance in a submissive kneel at the foot of the bed. Revan was well aroused at this point. Bastila looked up and saw the flicker of lust in her eyes. Taking her cue, Bastila crawled up onto the bed and stalked her way up to her nude master propped against the headboard. Revan spread her legs, her glistening slit beckoning Bastila on.

The brunette wasted no time diving into eat at the delicate flesh in front of her.

congratulate, you were

Revan leaned her head back and relished in the joy being brought to her by her apprentice. Bastila had become a master at the sexual arts, every lick was placed in just the right place such that it sent electricity coursing through the Sith lord's body. Revan let out a moan as Bastila slipped two of her slender digits inside her.

Revan bit her lip, the pleasure beginning to mount further. After a few more minutes, Revan bade Bastila to stop as she felt her orgasm coming. She then pushed the younger woman onto her back and lifted her legs apart.

She moved the cloth of Bastila's skirt aside and mashed their pussies together and started to grind. The feeling was almost overwhelming.

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Revan grunted, groaned, and moaned as she and Bastila ground against each other. Revan held off her orgasm as long as she could, but after a moment she let out a near-scream as she rode out the waves of pleasure. She started to rub herself as Bastila moved to lay on top of her.

Revan graciously accepted the kiss Bastila offered with as much fervor as she could muster. As the Sith lord rolled over, ready to give Bastila the pleasure she had earned, the comm station on the wall began chirping loudly.

something is. grateful

Revan let her frustration ripple through the Force as she reached out with it and toggled the comm to audio only. I have tried to seek them out through the Force, but they are being shielded somehow. I suspect a Jedi is at work. I left you in charge of the academy and its security, Yuthura. Perhaps I chose poorly?

I shall double my efforts. But we shall see once I arrive. Revan looked deep into Bastila's grey, lust-filled eyes, "Now, let's take care of you, shall we? The entire garrison stood in formation as the Ebon Hawk came in to land at the Dreshdae landing bay. As the freighter touched down, Yuthura Ban swallowed hard. She had not seen the dark lord since she had infiltrated the academy some time ago as a Jedi. Yuthura had been lucky that Revan had needed someone experienced to run the academy and that she spared her after she had tried to kill her.

The ramp lowered and Darth Revan herself descended the ramp, clad in her former garb, complete with the Mandalorian mask she had once taken as a trophy during the Mandalorian Wars.

Her long black cape flowed in the light breeze as her apprentice descended as well. All the troopers snapped to attention and the students fell to their knees before their master. Yuthura knelt as well as the woman approached. Yuthura stood and fell into step alongside Bastila as they proceeded through the spaceport towards the academy. Taking her cue, Yuthura began to explain, "I first noticed something a few weeks ago, when I caught a soldier attempting to hack into the academy's systems.

He was caught, of course, and was taken to the torture chamber. All we know is that he is Republic, but we have not been able to discern anything more.

Yuthura nodded and led the two to the torture chamber once they entered the academy. The torturer dropped to one knee as they entered. The man on the ground nodded as left the room as quickly as he could. The Republic trooper sat panting on the floor of his cage, obviously working through the effects of the Sith's truth serum.

He was a young man, looked to be about in his mid-twenties with short, sandy-blonde hair.

Bastila shan sex

The man looked up and his face fell before he cocked a smirk, "So they had to send the dark lord herself to get me to crack? I feel so honored, your sith-ness. Revan was in no mood.

She reached out in the Force and clamped down in the man's windpipe.

something is

Instantly his eyes bulged out of his skull and he began to claw at his throat and gasp for air. I am not some inquisitor seeking your knowledge. I will not use some poison to drive the information I need from you, you are expendable. Revan turned back to the prisoner. He was resistant, and would not break. It was then that she lost her patience, and pushed to dominate his mind, in a lesser degree than what she had done to Bastila.

His screams of pain and anguish echoed through the academy, and she didn't stop until the cries ceased. Yuthura and Bastila were waiting for her just outside the room.

Wordlessly she left to search for the student. She reached out in the Force and found an anomaly in the main chamber. It was easy to spot the Jedi, even without using the Force.

Though Shan refused to join Revan's growing rebellionshe witnessed several Jedi, including Meetra Surikthe future Jedi Exile, willingly submit to Malak and Revan's cause.

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Bastila Shan and her Jedi strike team face Darth Revan, the man she would later fall in love with. Her team had just cornered the Sith Lord on the bridge, but before they could engage him in combat his apprentice, Darth Malak, betrayed him and fired upon the ship. Revan was left clinging to life. Shan, remembering that a Jedi seeks to preserve all life, was able to keep him alive and preserve his mind using the Force. This act resulted in a powerful Force bond between them.

Shan then brought Revan to the Jedi Council. The Council then decided that they would use the Force to temporarily wipe his memory, even though this was considered an immoral use of the Force. They hoped that, with time, his submerged memories would cast some light on the many mysteries surrounding him.

They were especially interested in finding the Star Forge and stopping the legions of Sith invaders that were attacking Republic affiliated planets.

He knew that the Republic fleet had been saved from certain destruction by Shan's gift with battle meditation. His primary objective became either to eliminate Shan, or ideally to capture and turn her to the dark side of the Force. He would then use her skills with battle meditation to crush the Republic.

One year laterShan and a reprogrammed, amnesiac Revan, assumed by everyone to be a simple Republic soldier, were on board the Hammerhead -class cruiser Endar Spire over the planet of Taris. Revan had been assigned to the ship, where Shan was the commanderat the last minute so that Shan could maintain a vigilant watch over him. Without warning, part of the Sith fleet ambushed the cruiser.

A small assault team of Sith soldiers and Darth Malak's apprentice, Darth Bandonattacked the ship. Bandon's mission was to capture Shan alive, but he was prevented from doing so by Ensign Trask Ulgo. Shan, Revan, and Republic pilot Captain Carth Onasiwere forced to evacuate the ship in escape pods just before the Endar Spire was destroyed.

Shan's pod crashed in the Undercity of Taris, and she was quickly captured by a Taris swoop gang known as the Black Vulkars. She later revealed that the reason she had been captured so easily by the Vulkars was due to her lightsaber being "misplaced" during the crash. She elaborated, with embarrassment, that it must have fallen from her belt and rolled under her seat in the escape pod. Without her lightsaber, Shan was able to keep her status as a Jedi a secret, and the Vulkars assumed she was a Republic officer.

She was imprisoned by the gang to be used as a prize in the Tarisian Season Opener. Onasi, who had crashed in the Upper City with Revan, informed him of Shan's importance to the war effort, and the two began a search for her.

The Sith were also searching for Shan on the surface of the planet, and had blockaded Taris to prevent her escape. Revan, seeking to rescue the Jedi, made an agreement with Gadon Thekthe leader of the Vulkars' rival gang, the Hidden Beksand entered the swoop race on their behalf.

He managed to win the swoop race by using a prototype accelerator designed by the Beks that he retrieved from the Vulkars' base with help from Twi'lek Mission Vao and Wookiee Zaalbar. This helped the Beks to maintain their control of the Lower City. By the end of the swoop races, the Vulkars had realized that Shan was a Jedi, and had fitted her with a neural disruptor. Unwilling to give up such a valuable prize, Brejikthe leader of the Vulkars, accused Revan of cheating and tried to keep Shan so he could make a large profit selling her on the slave market.

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Shan managed to free herself and, with the help of Revan, fight and kill Brejik and the nearby Vulkars. Shan was shocked to see that her rescuer was the former Sith Lord, and clashed with Onasi over the lack of a plan to escape Taris.

She expressed a sense of pride that aggravated Onasi, but Revan managed to keep the peace between the two of them, and Shan apologized for her behavior. She was impressed that Onasi and Revan had managed to locate her, but was disturbed to discover that Revan was having flashbacks of his capture.

Following Shan's rescueRevan was soon contacted by Canderous Ordoa Mandalorian mercenary in the employ of Davik Kanga local crime lord for the Exchange.

Impressed with Revan's performance, Ordo offered a proposal for getting past the Sith blockade and asked Revan and Shan to retrieve the launch codes from the local Sith base. Shan was wary of trusting the mercenary, but sensed no deceit from him.

She and Revan infiltrated the base with the assistance of the droid T3-M4 Kang had commissioned from Janice Nalland managed to steal the codes after defeating the Sith Governor that Malak had placed in charge of Taris. Ordo then took Shan and Revan to Kang's base, telling Kang that they were potential recruits.

Bastila Shan

Ordo's intention was to steal Kang's ship, the Ebon Hawkwhich would be able to outrun any Sith pursuers once they used the launch codes to bypass the blockade. Frustrated with his fruitless searching, Malak ordered Admiral Saul Karath to destroy the planet. If he wasn't able to find Shan and take advantage her abilities, he wanted to be sure the Republic would not have the opportunity to do so either.

The urban centers of Taris were utterly obliterated in a hail of indiscriminate turbolaser fire while Shan's group was still in Kang's base. After defeating Kang, Shan, Revan and Ordo barely managed to escape with their companions aboard the Ebon Hawk before Taris was completely leveled by the bombardment.

Shan suggested they seek refuge at the Jedi Enclave located on Dantooine where they could also seek the advice of the Jedi Council located there to determine their next steps. The Council decided to re-train Revan as a Jedi. He and Shan often sparred together and he would come to Shan for advice and aid when he needed it. After only a few weeks, Revan had recovered a great deal of his former skill and power with the Force.

During this time, Shan and Revan shared a dream of Revan and Malak discovering something in the nearby ruins. Shan rushed to the Jedi Council in the Enclave and discovered that she and Revan shared a very powerful Force bond that had been forged when she saved his life. Soon after, the Council sent her and Revan to the ruins that she and Revan had been receiving visions of.

Inside they found a partial Rakatan Star Mapan artifact that had been discovered by Revan and Malak five years earlier. Its data, when combined with that from the four other such Maps, would reveal the location of the Star Forge -an ancient factory of immense power that was being used by Malak to build the seemingly infinite Sith fleet.

Calo Nor a bounty hunter and former associate of the late Davik Kang, was hired by Darth Malak to kill Revan and the others, while bringing Shan before the Dark Lord alive, if at all possible, but was killed by Revan shortly after they found the first Star Map. While searching on Tatooine for clues about the Star Forge, Shan would be reunited with her estranged mother, Helena. She was saddened to learn that her father had been killed while hunting a canyon krayt dragon for its pearlwhich he thought would provide enough credits to pay for the treatment of an unknown fatal illness that Helena suffered from.

With Revan's encouragement, they were finally able to reconcile. Shan gave her mother credits to pay for treatment from a doctor on Coruscant. The reconciliation brought Shan much peace, and she expressed gratitude to Revan for his help. During their quest, Shan would closely monitor Revan, searching for any possible signs that he might have been slipping back to the dark side. She still held a dislike for the man who had caused so much damage to the galaxy, yet she was also attracted to the man he had become after his mind was wiped.

Instead of being the monster she imagined and feared he would be, Revan proved to be a true servant of the light sideand displayed many acts of kindness throughout their journey together. Though this may have been attributed to the programmed identity that replaced his former persona, Revan's compassionate nature may have also been caused by subconscious cts of his former personality before his fall to the dark side.

She soon found herself admiring his passion and unrivaled power and, despite her best efforts, began to slowly fall in love with him. She resisted such feelings, partly because it was forbidden for Jedi to fall in love and partly because she was unable to come to terms with whom he really was. Shan later noted that it caused her a great deal of pain and guilt. Though he was now a true Jedi and a good, honest man for whom she cared deeply, he could still return to the dark side of the Force.

Bastila Shan

If that were to happen, Shan would be forced to stop him before he could rejoin Malak. Shan also worried about what would happen when he found out whom he really was. Revan tried to convince Shan that she could love him, and they even shared a kiss aboard the Ebon Hawk before Bastila swore she would not allow herself to fall in love.

Shan, Revan and Onasi were placed in their own cells apart from the others and tortured. Saul Karath, knowing Revan cared for Shan, proceeded to make her suffer in an attempt to get Revan to tell him where the Jedi Enclave was, what they were looking for, and what their mission was. Although his will weakened upon seeing her tortured, Revan refused to tell Karath anything.

After they were freed by one of their crew members, Shan, Onasi, and Revan headed to the bridge to release the tractor beam. When they reached the bridge, they battled Karath, his troops and Dark Jedi.

Mortally wounded, Karath told Onasi of Revan's true identity. Onasi then demanded answers from Shan. She promised to answer his questions once they escaped. Just before reaching the docking bay, however, Darth Malak halted their escape. Onasi attempted to shoot him but was cast aside with ease.

Malak told Shan that he had spent far too much energy arranging her capture to let her escape, and he wanted to see his old Master in person.

more detail

He told Revan about his former life as the Dark Lord, and Shan was forced to come clean to him, telling him about his mind-wipe by the Jedi Council. Malak told Revan that he had been a mere puppet of the Jedi Council. Revan struggled to understand with both Shan and Malak giving him a different story.

Malak made it seem as though Shan was using Revan to indulge her own interest in the power of the dark side, while Shan told Revan that she was trying to redeem him and save the galaxy. After Revan told her that he understood and forgave her, Malak was enraged, and used Force stasis on Shan and Onasi, preventing them from helping Revan while Malak engaged him in a duel. Revan managed to hold his own for the majority of the duel but was soon caught in Force stasis by Malak, wherein Shan intervened, sacrificing herself by attempting to distract Malak so that Revan and Onasi could escape and find the Star Forge.

After a duel, Shan was defeated and captured by Malak who took her to Lehon, where she rejected Malak's continued attempts to turn her. But after subjecting her to torture for a week, Malak eventually succeeded in forcing her to give in to her hate and fall to the dark side. She became convinced that the Council was holding her back, using her, and so she took her place as the Dark Lord's apprentice, replacing the slain Darth Bandon.

In time, she would reunite with Revan atop the Temple of the Ancients on the world of Lehonthough under unexpected circumstances. Shan told Revan, Jolee Bindoand Juhani that she had sworn allegiance to Malak and was now his apprentice, declaring that she would aid Malak in taking over the galaxy.

She engaged all three of them in a lightsaber duel, but was no match for the three Jedi. Shan threw a Force wave at the three in order to save herself from defeat. After seeing how powerful Revan was despite what the Council had done to him, she came to believe Revan deserved to be the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Shan attempted to persuade him to reclaim his former title, reminding Revan of all the Jedi Council had done to him. Revan was forced to grapple with the dark legacy of his former self, with Shan reminding him that she could sense his thoughts through the Force bond linking them. Revan stated that there was something more than the bond between them: love. Shan denied this, however, claiming that the only thing between them was the Force and power.

what necessary

Shan beckoned Revan to join her, to reclaim the Sith Empire and take revenge on Malak. Revan demanded to know how he could trust her after she had already betrayed him. Shan informed him that she need not deny herself anything anymore, and would stand by his side gladly as his lover and apprentice.

Claiming that she would be "utterly yours," she told Revan that they could defeat Malak together. Revan calmed himself, made the choice of a true Jedi, and rejected Shan's offer of power. Angered at her failure to turn Revan, Shan retreated to the Star Forge where she and Revan eventually had their final battle.

Shortly after Revan and his crew boarded the Star Forge, Malak summoned Shan, who was using her battle meditation against the Republic fleet, enabling the Sith to predict their enemy's move and strategies.

Malak told Shan that if she killed Revan then she would prove herself worthy of being his apprentice. Despite the inner conflict she felt, she assured Malak that she would not fail him again. Shan did not have to wait long. Revan and his companions reached her swiftly and Shan lashed out with the Force, disabling Revan's companions and launching a vicious attack on Revan, which he quickly countered.

Shan eventually withdrew and began to curse Revan for his refusal to reclaim the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith, only for Revan to attempt to turn her back to the light side of the Force. Shan angrily attacked two more times, only to meet the same results. Even with the full power of the Star Forge behind her, she was still unable to defeat Revan.

Realizing she was no match for him, Shan yielded, pleading with him to quickly end her life for her betrayal. Revan refused, however, telling her that she could return to the light side. Shan didn't believe that she was strong enough, feeling there was too much anger, hatred and fear inside her to ever find peace in the Force again. Revan persuaded her to use their bond, to take her strength from him, and confessed to Shan that he loved her.

Shan admitted that she harbored feelings for him as well, and despised herself for keeping the truth about his true identity from him, but asked what good was love in her situation. However, Revan told her that she could redeem herself by helping the Republic defeat the Sith, and displayed his trust for her by leaving himself open to her attack, as he did not think that she would take his life, because he loved Shan and believed in her.

Swayed by his words, Shan could not bring herself to kill Revan and returned to the path of the light, renouncing the dark side and confessing her love for him. Redeemed, Shan used her battle meditation to turn the tide of the battle in the Republic's favor.

Revan, meanwhile, went after Malak and dueled his former apprentice in the Star Forge's command center, where he defeated the Dark Lord.

Revan caught up with the rest of the crew, including Shan, shortly before they left the station. The Republic fleet destroyed the Star Forge moments later.

Two years after the Star Forge 's destruction, Bastila's husband started to recall the existence of the True Sith Empire and his meeting with the Sith Emperor. He set out alone into the Unknown Regionsleaving his loved-ones, including his wife Shan and his soon-to-be born chil behind, knowing that to take them to the places he had to go would bring destruction to them all.

Before Revan and T3-M4 left known space, Shan secretly programmed the droid to return to known space and find her should something happen to Revan.

Should T3-M4 have been unable to locate her, the droid was to find any Jedi who could help. Shan remained behind with the rest of the Ebon Hawk ' s former crew, keeping the Republic safe as Revan had asked them to, and waiting for the day when he would return.

In the aftermath of the war, as the Sith Triumvirate and G0-T0among others, hunted the remaining Jedi Knights to near extinction, she was one of the few to escape their notice, staying hidden so she could protect Vaner. After their conversation, Bastila approached Carth and asked if Meetra knew anything of Revan.

Carth told her that Meetra knew nothing. Bastila lamented that she would never know why her husband left or what he was trying to protect them from, but Carth reminded her that Revan had asked them to stay behind. The droid informed the two Jedi of what had become of Revan; he had been captured by a duo of true Sith. When Meetra decided to leave known space to search for Revan, Shan agreed and trusted Meetra with Revan's maskthe key to unlocking his last, forgotten memories.

According to the Jedi historian Gnost-DuralBastila served as a Jedi Master at some point in the years that followed, although she took it upon herself to spend the rest of her life with her son, and their family grew in the following years.

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