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Intro/A Man and His Butt Plug

Here's the lowdown on how to subscribe to Allure's print edition for more beauty routines, recommendations, and features. If you're not familiar with the joy of butt plugs, allow me to introduce you to a versatile toy you can enjoy regardless of gender, orientation, or genitalia. If you have a prostate, butt plugs can stimulate it; if you have a vagina, a butt plug can create incredibly pleasurable pressure on the back vaginal wall. Not to mention that the anus is also surrounded by nerve endings. Butt plugs are wonderful toys that can help you safely explore new sexual territory. If you've never tried them, or if you're already into anal sex , they can help you switch up your routine while warming up your body for new things.

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Floor Workout: Hips, Butt, & Thighs (Lean Legs Routine)

Many women carry excess weight in their buttocks and would like to tone the area. While cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, swimming and biking, help burn fat all over your body, moves that specifically target the muscles help strengthen and shape your rear. In general, work the muscles in your butt at least twice per week with a day of rest in between each session. Talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine. Supermans work your butt as well as your hips, thus making them an effective choice for toning your butt. To perform the exercise, lie on your stomach with your legs and arms extended, toes pointed behind you and palms facing one another.

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Men's Butt Hair Grooming Options + Tutorial

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