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We're so used to seeing Candice in her late adulthood that we nearly forgot what she looked like back in the s and '70s - what a beauty. Baskin, directed by the American director Herbert Ross. USA, Candice Bergen is an American model in Paris who wears glasses and laughs very hard at the telephone jokes of Yves Montano in Live for Life. September

Her face looked much better when she was thinner it's not like she was ever "overly" thin. I don't know, I'm mixed on this. I agree, after a certain point, why keep depriving yourself? But then again, if she were still getting work would she feel like she could afford to "let herself go? I'm sure she'll have a swell book party probably organized by Peggy Siegal with pictures on NYSD, so we can see all the lulled faces in attendance.

In Candice's Manhattan social circles, the vast majority of women, and by women I mean wives, probably do not have their own tv residuals income and independent status. All that being said, her late husband was an intelligent, deeply talented artist. I hope she covers this along with her menu choices. I've never been reed-thin, but I've always been in-shape and physically strong. I was active in many physical activities, tennis, jogging, biking, etc.

But as I aged, my knees, etc. Being unable to exercise the way I did when I was younger, I slowly, over a year period, put on about 50 lbs. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I woke up at 3AM with pain radiating throughout my chest. I took Rolaids, and it wouldn't go away. I took an aspirin, but that didn't seem to help either. I was terrified.

I finally calmed myself down enough to be able to go back to sleep, and in the morning, it was gone. My knees aren't happy about that either, but I do it anyway. I've lost 10 lbs. It's not always a choice between your ass and your face. Sometimes it's a choice between your ass and your life.

I miss Murphy Brown, I used to watch that show religiously when I was younger.

Candice Bergen is fat - and doesn't care what haters say

I was just watching some old clips on Youtube a couple weeks ago as a matter of fact - such as the one where Aretha Franklin was on there singing with her at the piano. The article makes it out to sound like she's a Goodyear blimp or something, yet she looks fine and still better than most other women her age.

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Shame on people throwing her shade for enjoying herself while out to dinner. R26, your bad knees should not prevent you from biking.

Chloe malle nude

On the contrary, biking is restorative for bad knees. I can understand gaining a bit of weight.

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She's no longer having to look picture perfect by Hollywood standards. Sure she should still be vigilant for health reasons, but why not enjoy food too at that age? Good for her for enjoying life.

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Did she credit the ass vs face quip to a certain, more talented, French actress or did she just steal it? A close female relation does some work for her personally, and when my relative lost a bit of weight Candy went on and on about how great she looked and how proud she was of her losing the weight. She even bought her a celebratory gift. It's possible that a few extra pounds could actually be healthy, for a woman like her.

She has spent much of her life staying camera-thin, possibly throwing up everything she ate if that's what she's defensive aboutand that's incredibly hard on the body.

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Some stringent dieters are actually malnourished by medical standards, which is something you don't want to be at age 68 and beyond. She's not huge, not obese, not big enough to blow out her knees or fill in her arteries, or do herself harm.

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Eating a varied diet and enjoying life is what does a person good, when they're pushing seventy. R45, if she knows someone wanted to lose weight and worked hard to do it, it's gracious on her part to offer congratulations. It doesn't mean she feels like everyone should conform to being stick thin.

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They have a business relationship, so the fuss was all Candy's when she noticed. Again, it was all a bit "de trop. I never claimed that she would ever know what I think, but it obviously bothers you, Fatso. I would imagine growing up in Hollywood, being one of the most beautiful women in the world and then being a successful actress, Bergen's stance toward food and eating is probably very effed up, much like Jane Fonda.

There's no way she would be able to live the life she did, when she did, and not get through it unscathed with regards to weight and diet, so I'm sure there is a bit of feigned indifference toward the whole thing, that said, it also has to be pretty liberating for her, as well.

Also, I would imagine that when you look the way she did in her youth, you pretty much know you're not ever going to top that few did so you might as well enjoy your golden years. While DL might have called her fat without knowing anything else about her, I would hope "Frau" would be reserved for those who deserve it, i.

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Should be a good book with lots of turf to cover - "Knock Wood" was before "Murphy Brown" and her road from so-called Worst Actress on the Planet to so many Emmys she had to take herself off the nomination list. Love her. I love her for being honest about loving to eat. She probably couldn't have done this earlier in her career but now she doesn't care. Mindy Kaling is the only other celeb I know who doesn't pretend that they don't like to eat. A lot.

R37 she hasn't gained weight to the point where it has become a health issue. Just a cosmetic one. On the other hand, even when she was thin she has always been "healthy thin," not what I would call Hollywood thin.

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I guess after 68 years that's frustrating. I'm guessing many don't know who first said it, it's become a common phrase.

It's only stealing if she pretended she came up with it, and I don't think she made to claim. When she was a girl she tried to destroy Charlie McCarthy because he was more popular than her. What a bitch. Seriously, we're going to condone fat? She's a bloated quadruple shadow of her former self.

It's pathetick. Or, you can accept that metabolism slows, keep eating and avoid that horrible aged, craggy, emaciated look though you'll still, obviously, look older. But, to obtain the benefits of a less-strict diet doesn't mean that you have to go completely over the top and eat anything you want at any time.

Sep 03,   Chloe Malle and Graham Albert's Wedding in France. September 3, Photo: Happy Menocal. 1/ Happy Menocal designed our invitations with . Apr 24,   Actress Candice Bergen and daughter Chloe Malle attend the 'Oliver & Company' Burbank Premiere on November 6, at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)Author: Jennifer Kline. Apr 08,   Actress Candice Bergen sits in her first apartment on Central Park South, now the home of her daughter, Chloe. A childhood friend says the actress was "always funny and very chic," and.

She's hardly obese. She is obviously larger than she was when she was younger, but she's hardly a dirigible.

She's till gorgeous and she's just a woman with curves. Bergen will be one of the world's great beauties until the day she dies. She does look great for 68, but a warning would have been useful, R Still as wooden as one of her father's dummies, at any weight.

Are we sure she isn't just one of her father's dummies? Roseanne said she's unfunny hack who acts like she has a stick-up-the-ass, so true. Sorry, diva-worshiping twits, being a pretty blonde ain't enough.

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FFS, The woman is 68 years old. If she was rail thin, she still wouldn't be seen as a fertility goddess. If she's healthy and happy, that's what matters and all that matters.

R68 is correct, she was never rail-thin.

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Like most Swedish women I've known, she was healthy and big-boned as a young woman, not a willowy model type. IMHO most women with her body type fill out a bit in mid-life, but they're tall and well-proportioned and can carry a little extra weight without looking terrible. Bergen is tall and gain easily carry an extra 30lbs from her youth. Of course she did say in recent years so I susoect she's more like 50 lbs over her youthful weight.

She looks great for her age but she does look her age. She'd just been kicked out of college, she told Jane Pauley.

Actress Candice Bergen and daughter Chloe Malle attend Diane Von Furstenberg Spring fashion show at Bryant Park on September 13, in New York, New York. Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images. May 29,   Chloe's mother, Candice Bergen, was excited by the idea of a big New York wedding, though, explains Malle, "so we had a big engagement party as a . Nude Illusions of the Outback: Costume Changes for the Queen of the Desert By Chloe Malle. By Chloe Malle. The Prince of Palazzo Chupi By Chloe Malle. Bedroom Eyes: Uncle Sam Wants to Sell.

You were automatically expelled if you got two Ds, and I had three As and two Ds. And the two Ds were in gut courses, oddly enough. One was opera and one was painting, because painting class started at and I could never get there on time. She was not heart-broken to have been expelled, she said: "Because, what a life I had!

But it certainly brought me up short. Elliott Gould is a post-grad student confronting an increasingly turbulent time on campus, as well as his girlfriend Candice Bergenin Richard Rush's "Getting Straight" Candice starred in Mike Nichols' comedy-drama "Carnal Knowledge," which traces the relationships two young men Jack Nicholson and Art Garfunkel have with various women from their college days and beyond.

And working with Mike Nichols was just an experience that every actor should have. After appearing with Gene Hackman in "The Hunting Party," Candice Bergen costarred with him in another western, "Bite the Bullet," about a grueling mile endurance race through the desert. Pakula's comedy about a recently divorced man Burt Reynoldswho cannot decide between his new love played by Jill Clayburgh and his ex-wife Bergen. And I just didn't hear the call of any of them until I met Louis.

The couple was married for 15 years and had one child, Chloe, before Malle died from lymphoma in at age This is a side view of Le Coual, the sixteenth-century stone manor house in Le Lot that my father bought almost 50 years ago.

I grew up spending every summer there so it made a lot of sense to me to get married there. It is a farming region so most of the land is taken over by corn, sunflower, and tobacco fields. We also included a map of the area illustrated by Happy Menocal.

I basically set up a sweatshop with my four nieces the day before everyone arrived, and we assembled all the baskets. Here is a sampling!

More from Vogue. He played for four hours straight on everything from an aluminum washboard to a tea kettle and mop handle. He would kill it in Williamsburg. Graham and his friends are big soccer players and so it was perfect that there was a little field below the pizzeria where they played a bit before dinner. The pizzas being prepared. I wore it with fuschia satin Christian Louboutin espadrilles which gave it the perfect pop of color. A view of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie under the moonlight.

Mar 24,   Candice Bergen is fat - and doesn't care what haters say. The follow-up to Bergen's memoir "Knock Wood" focuses on her year marriage to French director Louis Malle and remarriage to former New York Public Library Chairman Marshall Rose. Chloe Malle lives in Paris now and works for French Vogue; she and Mama Candice don't. m Followers, Following, 27 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from chloe x halle (@chloexhalle)27 posts. k Followers, 1, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Chloe Malle ?? (@chloemalle) posts.

A few years ago it was voted most beautiful village in France and the region is very proud! I got ready for the wedding at the hotel where everyone was staying. I felt silly having someone come from Paris but Andre was incredible and my hair ended up being my favorite part of my wedding look.

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I wanted wildflowers nestled in my hair, so Andre, my friend Jed and I went to the field at the hotel and picked a handful to work with. I loved that it was unlined cotton, so simple but so lovely and delicate. Here is my final hair look.

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