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This poll is for girls only. If you are a guy, please leave or just view the results. Have you ever been curious about boys' genitals? In what percentage of the circumcised boys can you see the scar around the shaft where the skin was removed when the penis is soft? In what percentage of the circumcised boys can you see the scar around the shaft where the skin was removed when the penis is hard? All Rights Reserved. All content and information is presented for entertainment purposes only.

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Subpages 3 : I. Navigation Home I. Swimming Class News Articles B. Syndicated Columnists C. Research Resources Sitemap. Home As the world's societies transform into the 21st century, all too often our understanding of our history is based upon our current culture and attitudes as opposed to actual historic documentation and knowledge obtained through extensive research.

This website focuses on a highly esoteric area of historic research - the traditional differences between the genders as it pertained to nudity when swimming, or as it was once called, "sea-bathing". This site could not exist if it were not for years of research conducted by established historians as well as non-professional academicians, and it provides us authentic documents and pictorial, artistic and video galleries focusing on this topic.

Our documentation was retrieved from actual journals, period-based newspapers and columns, books authored by learned historians, historic photographs, accounts by authors with first-hand experience, renowned artistic renderings and rare historic film.

Also provided are anecdotal stories we found on various billboards and discussion forums that although not verifiable, present reflections by many that may give us added insight by those that actually experienced such times. To some degree, these historical records serve to evidence a paradigm of contradiction and double-standards of a past era when viewed against the standards and culture of our current society.

With the onset of the Internet, new generations are beginning to learn about this controversial subject and the related heated debates as to what previous generations experienced. We provide evidence that generations back to the early 18th century were often part of a culture that encouraged, if not required, boys and men to be nude while swimming or sea-bathing, sometimes even in the presence of females, although females invariably remained fully clothed in bathing costumes or conservative dress of their era.

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Indeed, during the Victorian Era when even the display of women's uncovered ankles was deemed immodest or men being seen in public absent coat, tie and hat were considered to be improperly dressed, it almost seems unfathomable that one might observe on nearby river banks or ocean beaches these same women being in the immediate presence of these same men at a time when the men enjoyed such activities completely naked and in full sight of these women.

X 87 min Drama, Romance. A teenage goldsmith with a dark past tragically falls in love with a young nude model.

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Niklas, 9, lives with her parents and her grandfather in the country in a yellow house. He longs for a dog and this summer, father, mother and grandfather has decided to get him one.

Eight years after a cataclysm and disease ravaged the human race - leaving just one in every ten surviving - all social structures have crumbled like sand castles.

Too few still live for Focusing on the bleak life of eleven-year-old bad boy Polin Haru, an aging scriptwriter, has isolated himself somewhere in the woods of Nagano to work on his first novel.

As the last surviving member of his kin, he intends to chronicle the family he grew up in.

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Three young boys, who live on the mean streets of Ukraine, embark on an journey to cross the border into Poland. The memories of Guiga, from early childhood to young adulthood: his family, relatives, friends, fears, dreams and reality in a still provincial city of Salvador, Bahia, from the 50s to the 70s.

A Filipino jeepney driver Kidlat Tahimik who idolizes America's space program comes to reject the rapid encroachment of technology.

Shocking video shows young boy 'paraded naked to please rain god' after drought hits village

Not Rated 73 min Action, Adventure. Reared by a childless ape, the orphaned heir of the Greystokes becomes one of the apes. Then, Dr Porter organises a rescue expedition, and his beautiful daughter, Jane, catches his attention. Has Tarzan of the Apes found the perfect mate? Set before the first Wold War in part of Poland under Austrain occupation, the story of a young boy in primary school who later grows up to become a rebellious, poetic-minded teen in the R min Drama, Horror, Thriller.

A woman Shirley MacLaine begins to suspect that her brother Perry King is possessed by a voodoo spirit.

KIDS IN THE LOCKER ROOM DISCOMFORT OVER MIXED NUDITY AT THE Y. By Phil McCombs. November 22, I'm undressing. Some are naked, too. There are little boys around, and older boys. Girls seeing boys naked. Vote | Messages. There are loads of penis and circumcision polls here on Mr. Poll, but hardly anything at all for girls and how they view the male anatomy and what they look at and like. So here is one that hopefully will address how we think and what our preferences are. This poll is for GIRLS ONLY and I hope to get. May 18,   But the idea of six teenage boys running around the house naked all day bothers me. Hubby assures me that it's a "guy thing" and all teenage boys do .

An elderly Jewish couple, adopt an unruly non-Jewish child to whom they intend to pass on their wealth and knowledge before Nazi oppression engulfs Hungary.

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He doesn't know. He's friendless. He doesn't understand his mother.

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He hates what's happening to his body. Reality and Near the end of the 19th century ten-year-old Pelle and his elderly widowed father Lasse leave Sweden for Denmark. Due to his age Lasse can only find work on a large farm where workers are Standing in the middle of a desert that used to be the world's largest river, a man and boy start their search for the last drop of water.

Forbes, a German governess, is hired for six weeks to take care of two children, while their parents are away. She is authoritarian and repressive, so the children plan to murder her.

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From the depths of the sea is born Adam, a young man who searches the world for the place to which he belongs. Walking along the beach, he meets another child like him and they become After experience a bad catch, the inhabitants of a fishing village hold a ceremony to honour Mammy Water and restore their fortunes.

Votes: 5. While helping him taking a Tywin names Tyrion the new Master of Coin.

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Arya says goodbye to Hot Pie. The Night's Watch returns to Craster's. Brienne and Jaime are taken prisoner.

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Directors: David BenioffD. Votes: 22, Sign In. IMDb user rating average 1 1.

May 31,   Davanagere: Boy Stripped Naked & Paraded Around The Village For Rains. Public TV. Follow. 3 years ago | K views. Watch video for more details on this news clip. Public TV brings to you the latest ates from all walks of life, be it politics or entertainment, religion or sports, crime or any other thing. This Karnataka village paraded. An Appointment With The School Doctor is a Naked In School story. The "Naked in School" stories are a short series of stories connected by a common theme. Each story is entirely self-contained with its own characters and storyline. All of the stories include a teenage boy having to appear naked in some way in a school environment. Jun 17,   Shocking video shows young boy 'paraded naked to please rain god' after drought hits village. The bizarre ritual meant the boy was forced to dance in front of villagers before locals tipped.

Greystoke PG min Adventure, Drama 6. Jungle Holocaust R 88 min Adventure, Horror 6.

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Pixote R min Crime, Drama 7. Pelle the Conqueror PG min Drama 7. Murmur of the Heart R min Comedy, Drama 7. Klown R 93 min Comedy 7.

Although famous artwork and historic archival photographs of public nudity may include depictions of minors at play while in the nude, they are presented solely for historical reference and not. Jan 10,   especially the boys, to go naked for much of the time. In Spain, in Guadaix, the city of caves, Gitano boys up to about fourteen can be seen going about in the nude all the time virtually. But back to myself. Because of the fact that us boys grew up naked our camps were always full of visiting village boys coming in secret to "play with us". A missing heir of respected Scottish family, raised in African jungles by animals, finally returns to his estate only to realize that difference between the two worlds is really significant/10(K).

Medea Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy 7. Children's Island min Drama, Romance 6. The Genesis Children X 85 min Drama 5. Prospero's Books R min Drama, Fantasy 6. Sexuele voorlichting Video 28 min Documentary, Short 7.

Popi G min Comedy, Drama 6. Vuelve 88 min Drama, Horror, Thriller 6.

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Robby 60 min Adventure, Drama, Family 6. Niklas och Figuren 90 min Family 6. Nine Meals from Chaos Video min Drama 6. Chronicle of a Boy Alone 79 min Drama 7. Tree Without Leaves min Drama 7.

I Remember min Drama 6. Perfumed Nightmare 93 min Comedy, Drama 7. Nightmares min Drama 6. The Revolt of Job 98 min Drama 7.

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