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Source: Gawkerassets. Look at us there, with just Luckily though, the data this map was based on was deemed incomplete and not representative of actual science. Source: Imgwykop. Well, according to this research paper anyway.

The Irish Potato Famine caused for a booming Irish population in Five Points, as the land decreased in value due to unclean living conditions. Also, there were African-Americans living there at the time who'd been recently released from slavery. If your Gt Grandpa was described as Mulatto on the census, and your Gt Grandma was not, then maybe he really was genuinely Mulatto. It's not impossible for Mulatto people who are Irish to look more like their Irish parent, or vice versa.

I've been doing some research myself on the Irish in general and their experiences around the world UK, US, and Australia. I'm more English culturally, though several generations from which I was directly descended were Irish. Gt grandma was born in Ireland in and married a born and bred New Yorker. On the census Gt grandpa was described as a Mulatto yet on the marriage certificate lines which specifically asked the race both were identified as white by the priest.

Their children- grandfather and great aunts were later described as mulatto on subsequent census until when again they were all described as white.

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Here's the rub. The grandsons are all brown haired and blue eyed, as Irish as they come.

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Is it possible that because the gt grandparents settled in the s by the Five Points area of NYC that they were labeled that way? We are English on my father's side and Irish on my mother's side. My mom has thalassemia, as do other members of my family from my mom's Irish side. It is prevalent in Mediterranean areas. We mostly all have blue eyes and auburn hair. One sister has olive skin and green eyes. I do not know about the Black Irish thing, but the doctor at Sloan Kettering seemed to believe it came from Spanish in Ireland.

The phrase Black Irish to me is talking about Irish people who clearly have Spanish ancestry, possibly from the Spanish Armada story. They are white Irish people with very very dark brown eyes, dark hair.

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In general Irish people have dark hair, we do have the odd red hair-not as many as are in Boston though! We do have a significant amount of blondes from our Viking heritage but most are bottle blondes these days!

The Irish came to the South and fit right in. My great-great grandfather, from County Tipperary, was one of them. In fact, your average Southerner claims Irish ancestry with pride. They call us "rebels" for a reason. You can't throw a rock in the South without hitting someone with Irish ancestry, and if you look in the phone book, you'll find enough Irish surnames to choke a mule.

Dublin Ireland Experience: Racism, Culture, Beauty, Irish Men

As odd as it may seem, my g-g-grandfather was dead set against slavery and fought for the Union in the Civil War. In the South, if you're "black Irish," it's not a slur, by any means.

We're proud to be Irish! The British once considered the Irish to be "black" when the English condemned the Roman Catholic church in favor of the new Anglican church. Irish Catholics lost all their natural human rights, and were considered inferior in society like people of African descent were once considered in the U.

First, I want to say that nationality is something you feel, not something you can see - it's not like ethnicity. Example: British children went to one school, while children of Irish nationality children of families who refused to become British were forced to go to another school. Like in the time of Martin Luther King Jr. Do you see where I'm getting at, where the Irish became "the black irish"?

These are historical facts. I certainly do not mean to offend anyone, but the term "black irish" has nothing to do with dark hair. Indo-Europeans have dark hair and the ability to produce varying amounts of melanin in their skin. Scandinavians originally had the fair hair. Scandinavian culture plays a roll in recent UK culture and it's evident in places like Yorkshire ENGWales, and Scotland where else did smoked salmon come from?

Here's what I do know about the Irish in the U. In fact, they generally lived in ghettos like non-English-speaking immigrants of that timeand some worked alongside black African slaves in the coal mines.

If you say it to the wrong person they may take it as a nasty racial slur. I know this from when I was in school and the British-Irish kids would tease the minority of non-British Irish kids about being "black". I have dark reddish-brown hair, green eyes, and very fair skin that browns in the sun, and I consider myself to be of Irish ethnicity. I have been the butt of a "black irish" slur, and have been referred to by my English ex as a "bloody native". Some Irish call themselves natives in reference to the fact that they owned Ireland before their people were forced to "speak English or be black".

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As for "black irish" meaning some mixture of different ethnicities, that's the best and most non-offensive way to look at the term. Unfortunately, it's not an idea that came from Ireland.

When an Irish person tells their child they have dark hair because they're "black irish", it means they have dark hair because they're not of British heritage. People like myself, who are of British heritage, obviously have dark hair, but that's not the point.

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The point is, it's something like the idea that having dark skin means your soul is white - like in William Blake's "The Little Black Boy". Hence the folklore about us being touched by fairies Mental illness can be caused by a genetic defect that can be seen through brain imaging MRIthe use of certain substances, certain vitamin deficiencies, and a traumatic experience of some kind everyone reacts to trauma differently.

Psychosis is rarely permanent. My cousin is a psychologist. I hope this helps. And just another point on the whole red hair, pale skin: it is totally scottish, not irish. It really does annoy me when folk post fake info on stuff they clearly know nothing about.

Sorry, but it really does. Have been all my life. She used to tell me that part of her family was "black Irish". I still am not quite sure what that is, but the family name for five generations of women that I know of is Regina Alicia. I don't think that is a traditional Irish name. The last names were traditional Irish names fairly common. Anyone have any ideas?. I have brown hair with very, very light hints of red, no freckles, and my skin is incredibly tan. So tan that in fact, I am often mistaken for being mixed black and white or Hawaiian.

Years ago in high school, a teacher told me that I must be black Irish. I had no idea what that meant and shrugged it off until now when i stumbled across this site. Thank you for informing us "Black Irish" on our confusing, but highly tropical, appearances!

I will continue to look more into this. I have green eyes and many freckles from childhood, however, my fair skin usually gradually tans nicely, perhaps with a reassertion of some freckles.

My question is; how can people have blue black hair and blue or green eyes?

Black irish guys

How is this explained? Ireland I was called black Irish by some protestant thugs but it was mystifying to me. My dad was dark, as dark brown wood year round.

He had curly black hair, clear, bright blue eyes. Whenever the subject came up, my mom said to be quiet, that Black Irish was a derogatory term the English used.

My cousin actually went to Ireland and traced our genealogy. You should see my Ryan cousins and ancestors - they're almost all dark-haired and brown or hazel-eyed and tan dark brown. In her younger years, my paternal grandmother could have easily passed for a Native American, but she looked just like her great-grandfather, who came over in the s during the Great Famine.

My Daddy always said the Ryans were Black Irish, and if you look at them, you can easily see why. Black Irish has absolutely nothing to do with physical characteristics and appearances. Black Irish merely refers to a group of families who moved from Ireland to Scotland at some time I don't know exactly when in the past.

And I should know because our family is Black Irish. Everyone thinks they are mainly red heads, which isn't true. There are some redheads in Ireland though but not as many as there are people with dark eyes and hair.

I do have dark, almost black, thick hair, blue eyes and tan skin. After reading about black irish I believe I may be black irish. So maybe Dad, though, is tan and has some native and me and my brother are both fair skinned. When they are happy, life is great. When they are sad or angry, the dark black side of life takes over. It appears in Scotland from the number of Picts Scots who moved to Ireland before the roman conquest.

The Irish are Celtic, and therefore dark haired.

Sep 16,   Read more: The Black Irish - what are the truths and myths The name Gallagher is "O Gallchobhair" which translates as "foreign help." The traditional image of . May 24,   The term "Black Irish" is generally used to people of Irish origin who have dark features, black hair, darker skin and dark eyes. Interestingly, the term is almost never referred to in Ireland, but has been in circulation among Irish emigrants and their descendants for centuries. 'Black Irish' is often a description of people of Irish origin who had dark features, black hair, dark complexion and eyes. A quick review of Irish history reveals that the island was subject to a number of influxes of foreign people. The Celts arrived on the island about the year B.C.

My family are from Ireland. Very interesting. I want to know more. I was told i was black irish so i don't know but these are my features, but they made for one hell of a model. But all my brothers and me took after him and my dad's sisters. It has never been proven. James D. Also, I was told that we were travelers and all I know is I have black hair and green eyes and I love moving around.

My Dad had black hair and blue eyes, thick curly hair as I did. I just always thought it had something to do with being a traveler. The rest of my family has red and blonde hair and blue eyes so I guess me and my dad are the only black Irish in the family. My dad's family is originally from northern Ireland, and he has the typical red hair, freckles, and pale skin.

The dark irish is a result of either mixing with native americans, or spanish people.

What is Black Irish?

Some features of the irish look asian to me, not african. Sometimes the eye shape known as the smiling eye looks like a mix between asian, and european features but it could be just a unique irish trait.

I would have to say out of all the people in the world, the irish have the most mysterious eyes ever - as if they are looking into your soul. I had also read that we are descended from israelites, which probably everyone here did as well since we came from Noah. The romans were the ones who were barbarians, and brutal beasts. They would take over anything they could get their hands on, and Ireland would not have been an exception if they could get it.

If the irish were such cave men as what the romans claim, then it should have been a piece of cake to take them down since roman army had lots of weapons to do so. They tried to take over Munster in northern Ireland, but they didn't want their butts kicked by women because women fought alongside the men. Where are the romans now? They are gone. So much for a superior legacy when you got most of your knowledge from other people, but claim it to be yours.

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You then consumed yourself out of existence. When Rome invaded Ireland many, many times they found they could never defeat the Irish, and as we all know, if you can't re-write history, then you can discredit it! The Apostles came to Ireland around 31AD, and as history goes, it was St Patrick who taught the heathen of Ireland Christianity, but again another insult to the Irish and their long, honored and amazing history that would clear up who the native Americans are, and all the lost ten tribes.

When it is time to know it, and the world can handle the truth, the whole world will understand. History has become hijacked by political bandits with a motive. The motive is to discredit the Irish accomplishments, by placing them as subhuman, which in modern times is demeaning to people of color, and to the Irish themselves. All this come from the ignorance of bitter, jealous people who cannot extinguish the fire of their own hatred towards their fellow man. All this information, and I still don't know if the term "black Irish" is real.

Seems no one really knows. We are from County Roscommon- the O'Boyles - we have dark black hair and hazel eyes- freckles and pale skin. We are black Irish. That is what that is. Most all my family is still in Boyle and that is what it is. So there is your answer anon, or whatever your number is. I don't appreciate your tone either. All the people on here are asking perfectly natural questions. Think before you write.

Thank you. They tend to have dark, almost olive tone with thick, dark hair. My family is from Cork and the majority fall into this category. I happen to be fair-skinned because my father was although he had very thick, almost-black wavy hair.

I don't care for the term "Black Irish" all that much either. All the women in my family fall under this description. My grandmother tells us that there is a touch of wild in the Black Irish. Something strange and a little off.

She liked to tell us that we were touched by fairies. Love those old family stories. Do some basic research on genetics. The first settlers in ireland arrived from what is now the Basque region in Spain. But, my grandparents do not really talk about it, also I really do not know who my real father is.

All that I do know from my mother's side are that my great grandmother was either half or full indian on my grandpa's side. My grandmother's side is irish. Anyway all of my cousins have dark brown eyes, dark hair, pale skin tone, and short. On the other hand my grandfather and I are the only ones with blue eyes and over 5 6in tall with very dark brown hair.

Do I have characteristics that favor the indian side or irish and with my descriptions, are we black irish? Our grandfather is 84 and still has jet black hair. He has blue eyes and fair skin. Our father has dark brown hair and blue eyes and also very fair, almost pinkish, skin.

My oldest brother has dark brown hair, green eyes and freckles. I have jet black hair, some freckles, kind of pinkish skin and hazel eyes.

My youngest brother has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have always heard "Black Irish" meant dark hair, light skin and light eyes. The Irish people are descended for the basque people; this is a proven fact. The whole red hair and freckles thing is a myth. Only two or three percent of Irish people have red hair or freckles.

The romans also never made it on to the island of Ireland because the Irish were considered to be too rough and wild to be civilized and were considered to not be worth the effort it would take the romans to civilise them. If you look at Ireland you will notice that people on the east coast, where most of the invasions landed, are paler than the people in the west, who by and large escaped the worst of the invasions by foreign settlers. The real, original Irish are all dark haired and dark featured.

The whole pale thing with red hair is nothing more than myth! The Spanish Armada thing is a myth, it has nothing to do with pigmentation. The receptor protein-rogers, which is responsible for pale skin, took over as it is killed off in intense sun Africa and was necessary to allow the population to absorb sunlight to survive. The "black Irish" is a more modern re-introduction to to the population from african genes through the slave trade and atlantic migration from the spanish and portuguese.

Any truth to this? That lasted several hundred years, plenty of time to infuse their genetic characteristics into the indigenous population of britons. Look at people like Gabriel Byrne. Now there's a noble roman profile! My grandfather has always been described as Black Irish with thick, black wavy hair, dark eyes and skin.

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Also, his wife, my paternal grandmother came from a family of three siblings - one red haired and freckled like me like my grandmotherone blond haired, blue eyed with pale skin who looked Scandanavian and one who was dark haired, with dark eyes and skin. That said, most groups that have a relatively high incidence of redheads are groups with mostly dark hair brown and black.

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This mutation, pheomelanin, is responsible for the yellow-red pigmentation, while eumelanin is the default coloring for most humans - the brown-black end of the pigmentation scale.

The mutation that caused red hair is known as the MC1r variant, and first occurred between 40, and 60, years ago. It first appeared in humans with dark hair and skin, enabling them to take advantage of their ability to make more D vitamins, which enabled them to flourish in the higher latitudes. Blonde hair, on the other hand, took much longer to develop, starting gradually with hair colors only slightly lighter than in preceding generations.

Consequently, the blonds in northern Europe took longer to develop than the mutant redheads I say this with tongue in cheek, being of the red persuation myself, lol. Therefore, of the groups inhabiting northwest Europe, while the blonds were the result of extended exposure to the higher latitudes of Europe over a period of time, the redheads appeared suddenly due to mutation within dark haired, original populations of CroMagnon Europe. If there could said to be an aboriginal population during the Upper Paleolithic, this was them.

In addition to appearing amongst humans, the pheomelanin carrying individuals also appeared amongst mammoths, bears and other mammals of the Upper Paleolithic. It would eventually show itself amongst other animals of the period, continuing until today. Irish setters and Persian cats also bear their coloring in the modern era. So, the orignial group that redheads appeared amongst were those with the eumelanin characteristics.

Where this coloring may originate is an interesting question. Given that Celtic lanuages have as much in common with Semitic languages as with IndoEuropean languages, it is no great stretch to imagine an ancestral group with general coloring in line with Jews and Arabs.

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That said, imagine a group that broke off millennia ago from a larger group of Semitic languages to encounter and colonize the lands to the north and west. Over time, this group would retain much of its original language, and incorporate the language of the "new" peoples it encountered.

What you get in the end are Irish and Scots Gaelic. Moreover, the Celts looked different from the Germanic peoples who lived nearby. Their noses were softer and smaller than their Germanic counterparts - more like African than "European" as it was generally understood. That, along with other characteristics, show the modern day Irish and Scottish and others of the original Celtic nations to be a distinct people unto themselves, rather than some variation of Teutonic origins, as with the English.

Yes, there are black Irish - maybe they are examples of the first Celts. Of those eight only two of their children are are like them, me and one boy cousin. My brother and sister were fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. I get very very dark in the summer, never burn and have green eyes.

I've been told my whole life I'm black Irish, don't know what it is or where it comes from. Her father was dark as was her mother, both american born but Irish last names. My mother has black hair black brown eyes. My father was scotch Irish, flaming red hair and freckles and brown eyes.

I'm trying to find the root of the Black Irish cause that's what she swears she is. As are the welsh. If you go to Irish speaking communities, you will see a significant number of the population with dark features. I look like a Spaniard in the summer. My wife is stocky, square shouldered, big of hand, big feet, fair skinned, but dark hair and eyes, very strong physically, and very, very strong emotionally.

Stubborn, a born fighter, violent, physical, passionate. I tend to think that there is an ancient dark Pictish strain in this. No more so than any other genotype from any other nationality. It also concluded that the closest genetic race to Irish is Basque from guess where, the Iberian peninsula. To the native Irish, the term Irish applies to anyone born on the island of Ireland.

For the record, I am Irish born, I am 6'1, dark curly haired, pale in winter, red in summer, speak Irish language, play bag pipes, gaelic football, hurley and have been involved in the fight for freedom against the british.

How's that? Read my question and if you have an answer post it. Maybe some1 who is black irish can answer it truthfully 4 me?

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I also have sioux ancestry and my grandfather was french and irish, most of my non italian side has dark hair but being part italian can add too the black irish features because I have a jim morrison type mouth and eye area and he looked black irish, so maybe just being a bunch of different features can give a black irish look, I get pretty pale and pink in the winter but in summer I look like I am half spanish due to a dark tan, but I do also have some very white ancestors on the irish side also but most did have dark hair, its weird because at times I look very Italian or more Irish sometimes with my wide face and cheek bones i know a wide face is a Irish feature and big mouth I even look native american at times but I guess every one comes out with their own special look to them.

I had a marker-pair autosomal test through DNA tribes. My only strong results were for Spain and Italy. Other Irish have simply tested high for Ireland, Wales, and Scotland in this autosomal test. Of the regions in Spain that I tested high, Basque was the highest. If the Spanish Armada story is an unlikely answer, then perhaps we should consider the hundreds of years of "trade" with Spain in Irish ports.

He says and i'm not trying to offend anyone, this is a VERY serious question that the Black Irish were also known for insanity. That, he says, is why schizophrenia shows up every few generations in his family. Is that true? R they really known for insanity? I'm concerned. One of her three sisters looks like she could be spanish. She is very tanned, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

You wouldn't believe she was born in Ireland at all. However I'm short, fair hair, pale skin, blue eyes and freckles.

I guess the more 'stereotypical' Irish. We are black, black irish, sioux indian and spanish!!! I ended up with black hair and hazel eyes that change with my mood between dark brown to gray to green I wish more was know about how the 'black irish" came to be.

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My father, whose parents are both Irish, is black Irish with dark hair, eyes and olive skin. He's often mistaken for Mediterranean descent. Ireland was under the dominion of the Moors before other inhabitants moved the the island.

Look up Moor in a law dictionary and you will see inhabitant of Isle of Man which is in vicinity of Ireland and Scotland. Also research the link between the Moors and Spain.

The history speaks for itself. They tended to avoid the census takers, but when confronted, rather than being shipped off to Indian Territory Oklahoma, at the timethey claimed to be "Black Irish. She claimed to be of "Black Irish" descent on her mother's side her mother or grandmother may have been part Indian in the Missouri Territory. They did not want to be sent to Oklahoma - thus the deception and the taking of an Irish surname, Rowan.

I have heavily tattooed tan skin, brown eyes, reddish brown hair, bright red facial hair. I use the term Black Irish I also heard that this is what the Irish that have the traditional coloring called them. I think I read somewhere that this was because of Irish people and the Moors integrated. I myself happen to be Black Irish, or so I'm told by my dad and grandmother because they are too. Shaw Jonathan Swift J. Only 34 Days Until Mother's Day! Who Were The Black Irish? The term 'Black Irish' has commonly been in circulation among Irish emigrants and their descendants for centuries.

As a subject of historical discussion the subject is almost never referred to in Ireland. There are a number of different claims as to the origin of the term, none of which are possible to prove or disprove. A quick review of Irish history reveals that the island was subject to a number of influxes of foreign people. The Celts arrived on the island about the year B. Whether or not this was an actual invasion or rather a more gradual migration and assimilation of their culture by the natives is open to conjecture, but there is sufficient evidence to suggest that this later explanation is more likely.

The next great influx came from Northern Europe with Viking raids occurring as early as A. The defeat of the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf in the year by Brian Boru marked the end of the struggle with the invaders and saw the subsequent integration of the Vikings into Irish society.

The migrants became 'Gaelicized' and formed septs a kind of clan along Gaelic lines. The Norman invasions of and led by Strongbow saw yet another wave of immigrants settle in the country, many of whom fiercely resisted English dominance of the island in the centuries that followed. The Plantation of Ulster in the seventeenth century saw the arrival of English and Scottish colonists in Ulster after the 'Flight of the Earls'.

Each of these immigrant groups had their own physical characteristics and all, with the exception of the Ulster Planters, assimilated to some degree into Irish society, many claiming to be 'more Irish than the Irish themselves! The Gaelic word for foreigner is 'gall' and for black or dark is 'dubh'. The Normans faced these Hiberno-Norse kingdoms in Ireland and gradually society began to evolve into what is now known as Norman Ireland. Many of the invaders' families took Gaelic names that utilized these two descriptive words.

The name Doyle is in Irish "O'Dubhghaill" which literally means "dark foreigner" which reveals their heritage as an invading force with dark intentions.

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Inmembers of the Spanish army were shipwrecked on the coast of Ireland. If they stayed on the island and began families then their genes could have been spread down throughout the generations. Image credit: www. During the Great Famine of tothe hundreds of thousands of Irish peasants emigrated to America. It is possible that the arrival of large numbers of Irish after the famine into America, Canada, Australia and beyond resulted in their being labeled as "black" in that they escaped from this new kind of black death.

The potato blight which destroyed the main source of sustenance turned the vital food black. Image credit: Image credit: Maggie Land Blanck.

During the s, the relationship between Ireland and Britain was at an all-time low. The British government did not offer enough assistance and the tension between Ireland and Britain were high which resulted in mistrust. The theory that the "Black Irish" are descendants of any small foreign group that integrated with the Irish and survived is unlikely.

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