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Seems like it's a new trend to make "Why do people say that. LeviMay 18, Penis - Serious Business. RivayirMay 18, This is like the third penis thread this day.

What's with all the obsession lately? I get a feeling that Sai took up the forum. Well, anyway, I think Naruto is more manly than Sasuke so he has a bigger penis. ShamandalieMay 18, Sai said so. DreMay 18, Well, according to Sai who saw it himselfNaruto's penis is small. Uzumaki where are you going?

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Naruto turned back for a second his face the color of a tomato. Down the hall moving with a blur and crashing into the nurse's office. Aki the nurse stood there on the other side of the room. Naruto always appreciated her extreme voluptuousness body.

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She was a rather tall young woman with bright blue hair and gentle brown eyes. Her attire consisted of her wearing a large white lab coat which she kept open with a pink strapless top which is openly laced down the middle that revealed a lot of her cleavage, along with a very short brown skirt.

She has a slender, curvy figure and giant K-cup breasts. With her buxom bust and voluptuous body among all Tenbi academy. She was delicately built, with the slender bone structure of a model, every inch of flesh on her seemed to have been sculptured to make her a goddess.

Her legs were well toned and curvy, shapely at thighs. Aki's ass was round and firm and plump protuberant. And her breasts were gigantic standing proud. She turned around hearing her favorite student, the young Naruto Uzumaki. She had seen him several times in her office, enjoying his company and those cute whiskers on his face.

Although this time was unlike all the others, Instantly she saw his face was bright red as some sweat ran down his body.

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She could see urgency in his face and knew to act fast. Now show me what's wrong. In a moment Naruto froze in place. I mean, It's a bit embarrassing. Miss, Nijou's eyes narrowed as she stared at the young whisker faced Uzumaki. Uzumaki I'm a nurse, I have seen it all. Now show me, so I can help you. Just please don't tell anyone Miss, Nijou.

What popped out caused her to rethink her life over. Aki stared in wonder at the gigantically long, fat hard-on now standing stiffly before her, his fuck-shaft twitching obscenely, his balls bloated with cum. It was two, no three times the size of any cock she saw. It was the biggest hard-on she'd ever seen in her life, a full eighteen inches and thick with veins running along it with large globes of pre cum oozing every few seconds.

Naruto's was whole other monster. It loomed over her with a threatening aura. She stared blankly at it for a full minute and blinking slowly before it dawned on her. Oh my goodness. It hurts so much and I've tried everything. She watched him worried, the pain in his face apparent and stressful. She needed to act fast.

She closed the distance to get a good look. Aki started to sweat as the bulbous, fist-sized cockhead glared at her, pulsating eagerly just for her.

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I've never seen anything like this. Miss, Nijou it hurts. His balls felt like they were going to pop, crammed to bursting with billions of sperm, swimming anxiously in his balls. Dazedly she continued to stare at his dick. Aki gd as his massive manmeat throbbed harder than ever.

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She hadn't been this excited in years, her pussy sopping and knew how to help her young stud of a student. Aki was a woman who would help her patient no matter what the solution was. I have to help him or he'll surely get hurt, and I can't allow that to happen. Not when I'm a nurse! I need to work quickly. Her sense of duty compelled her as did her lust for her favorite student. Theirs only one way. I'll help you, by making you cum, Naruto. The busty nurse did not answer but raised her arm, gradually sliding her fingers up then she took the monstrous organ in her hand, trying her best to ignore how scorching and unbreakable the flesh felt through her fingers.

Just gripping it was enough to make her pussy burn and her fingertips tremble. Naruto gaped in astonishment as she wrapped her hand tightly around the fat base of his cock.

His pillar was so thick that she could not get her hand even close to around it. Aki shuddered as she lewdly started jacking his enormous hard on, lovingly stroking her patient's cock. I need for you to cum, it's the only way for the pain to go away. With determination Aki gripped his huge prick with her hand, fingers gripping tight pressing her palm over his manmeat. She began jacking his massive cock slow and very hard, making him shudder as he squirted out more oozing pre cum.

Aki moved her palm on his cockhead, coating her hand with the precum. She then leaned forward and gave his cock a lick. She realized Naruto's prespunk tasted pleasant, It was delicious the taste very strong.

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It was thick and she enjoyed licking it off. Without even realizing it, she stroked it again from base to tip, forcing more precum out for her to taste. She licked farther down, and farther, until her tongue was sliding along the entire length of Naruto's cock. The smell was stronger the closer she got, and at this point it was borderline intoxicating. The thick precum was sticky and plentiful, lubing his aching cock. The horny nurse huge tits jiggled firmly as she started jacking his cock fast and hard, whipping her right fist rhythmically up and down his giant, throbbing cock.

Naruto groaned as her hand moved wildly. He gave in, gasping and trembling with pleasure, letting her beat his cockmeat. Aki jacked his massive shaft harder and harder, making more spunk ooze out. While she moved a hand reaching up and grd his large testicles. There was enough in them to give her what she really wanted. And right where she really needed it, deep into her womb. She blushed at the thought. Her fist was a blur now, whipping feverishly up and down his huge cock. There was no way Naruto's cock would fit inside Aki's mouth, but she knew she needed to try.

And your balls are so giant. I ne-ed to do more than just jack on your cock to make it cum. I'm going to have to suck on it. Aki leaned down, her huge tits swaying, her mouthwatering in disgraceful anticipation of sucking the hot precum out of his enormous mast.

She whimpered with desire as her big lips touched his oozing, gleaming engorged head, tasting the musky, meaty taste of a cock. She opened her mouth wide and plunged her lips onto his shaft, slurping in. Naruto groaned as Nijou's mouth rolled over his massive prickhelmet, submerging him in warm, wet, silky soft flesh.

His massive girth stretched her lips into an obscene ring, her eyes watering as her mouth gaped open. Her tongue flapped about helplessly, adding to the pleasure as it pressed up against the flared engorged mushroom tip and swirled around. Locking her lips in a wet, circle around the swollen shaft of his cock.

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