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The Most Awkward Grammy Moments Ever

Many speculated for the days whether the stunt was staged or real, with everyone speaking except the man himself. Was it staged or planned? Sacha called me when we were in Europe and he had an idea to do something outrageous at the Movie Awards. Everyone was blowing me up about it. After you left the ceremony, where did you go? After the ceremony I went back to my hotel and laughed uncontrollably for about 3 hours.

Jakob voice. Borat Sagdiyev as Borat. Borat Sagdiyev as Borat Sagdiyev.

Blonde Bandwagon

Borat Sagdiyev as Ali G. Larry's Guide 2. Show all 18 episodes. Ali G. Show all 45 episodes. Show all 9 episodes. TV Series written by - 7 episodes - Episode 1. Da Ali G Show TV Series writer - 15 episodes, - created by - 12 episodes, - creator - 1 episode, - Realness Show all 16 episodes. TV Series executive producer - 7 episodes - Episode 1. TV Series 2 episodes - Episode 1. Shaggy: Me Julie Video short. Self uncredited. Self - Guest. Self - Interviewee. Self - Spectator uncredited.

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are not right

If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. The outrageous Cohen, promoting his upcoming movie "Bruno" in which the British actor plays a gay Austrian fashionista, who brought the house down.

Sweeping high above the studio on a harness, Cohen hit an obstacle, spun down toward the audience and landed face down in the lap of Eminem, exposing his naked bottom to both the white rapper and to millions of viewers watching the awards show live on television. I love Bruno. That was great, Feminem had it coming after all his homophobic lyrics, he's pretty much made himself an easy target for SBC.

Brunos all about challenging the hetero mans ick factor when it comes to half naked men getting a little "too close" to them.

And by "too close" I mean just being in the same room as proven in the movie. Get a clue, folks. The whole thing was planned and blocked. If it weren't, Eminem would have simply gotten out of his seat as SBC was descending and moved away.

Eminem's new album isn't doing well and he needs all the publicity he can get. Eminem's new CD had overwhelmingly the best opening of any CD of the year.

Not many people buy albums any more. Is there a difference between choreography and blocking?

I think I use them interchangeably but I don't know much about the arts. Eminem would of gotten up? Sorry but if I were in that seat I would have to assume that the production crew would NOT lower an ass onto my chin. So I owuld remain seated. I would also not be yelling MF and what not if it was planned lol. I found it juvenile. It ridicules gay men Bruno lisps, drops feathers, and wears a jockstrap and makes them out to be queens who lust after straight men and are, rightfully, rejected.

Eminem doesn't sit in the audience of award shows. He makes his appearance onstage and leaves. The only reason why he was sitting in the audience was to do the Bruno gag. And, true to form, he left immediately after his "performance. R14, blocking is basically where actors plan to stand and walk during the course of a scene in a play.

Choreography is dancing. Emenem gave a great performance. I think Cohen is an asshole but Emenem is in show business, he should learn how to make the most of a bad situation. It is now clear that this was not stunt. Viacom would not be pulling rights if it was made to be viewed. Nuf said. Not a stunt at all. Just a coincidence that they showed shots of Eminem before he even landed and of course Eminem had no choice but to sit still and not get up or push him away.

Lindsay Lohan messed up by Eminem

Eminem has always been a pussy so there's nothing surprising here. His "manhood" is a flimsy construct at best. I think it was a stunt. It was too perfectly timed not to be, because if Eminem had not been in on the joke he would not have landed so perfectly with his ass right in his face. I think the stunt was staged.

Borat ass eminem

And Mathers' reaction was supposed to be the one you saw. That was tweaked if not necessarily to piss Mathers off which I'm sure it did after the shock wore offat least to get a more genuine reaction from him. And of course to generate even more buzz for the movie. We're all talking about the stunt one way or another. Why is Eminem so humourless? He never minded when he was humilating and harming gay people for profit.

It wasn't staged. You couldn't fake Eminem's reaction. And his handlers were practically beating the crap out of Cohen to get him off of Eminem. No doubt Cohen knew where Eminem was going to sit during rehearsals. They have big cards with the entertainers name and picture in their seats So he knew where to land. You know why he is humorless? Because he is from the Thumb. Life is just one harsh adjustment after another. As was mentioned in the other thread, since when is Eminem an amputee?

Do you really think he couldn't have pushed or grabbed Cohen off of his face? It's obviously a stunt. Why would Eminem be audible as he's leaving unless he's wearing a mike AND people aren't usually miked in award show audiences. Uhh, maybe he was in shock? If someone landed on me and pushed their ass in my face without my knowing, I would be a little shocked. I hate this new trend on datalounge - who are these interlopers anyway? Agreed R If it was a stunt, Eminem would have played along and done something to top Cohen.

He wouldn't have gotten pissed and ran out of the building. Everyone is laughing at him. And Eminem doesn't strike me as the type of person who would willingly be the butt of someone elses joke.

When it's all over, it's two heterosexual men getting attention for vamping, burlesquing and trashing gays, maybe even standing up for gays in some weird way, but it's not gay people having anything to do with it. Could somebody please explain the appeal of Sascha Cohen to me?

apologise, but

Is it mostly British people who find his 'comedy' funny? You know how much practice they would have had to do to hit Eminem specifically? I am not getting this whole race issue white or black Eminem is talented I am not saying what was done was cool because ass balls and taint in a dudes face is never cool, but why does it have to be a race issue?

Obviously he is a good actor because no one knew that shit was fake, that is why we are all up here reading it to find out.

At the end of the day it was unnecesary because I was gonna buy the album before now I am not. For those who still choose not to acknowledge the numerous contributions of African-Americans to global society allow me this rant You really just show how dumb the American culture CAN be. In any event, keep on pushing and let the sleeping idiots, well sleep; natural selection will take care of the rest.

Im not only shocked about the fact that the MTV thing was a hoax, but shocked at the responses it is getting! That is what these people strive for, to get your attention and piss you off! We feed them with our response!

hope, it's

You guys are still caught up in a cultural and racial dominance war. As long as i got my car and family IM OK. Keep bickering about Black and White issues when they are played out to begin with. If you really want to learn about racial and cultural mistreatment, then really study the aboriginal Indians, they have it the worst!

Ignorance will be the downfall of the species mankind. I think the stunt was weird. I didnt like it em can come up with something better than that! Whats with all the racist comments above me Whooa!! How could anyone think it was real anyway?

You think MTV is just gonna let some guy come down from the roof with a rope and not tell Eminem about it? Beyond that, none of you display a lick of cognitive function, and all should shut the fuck up.

Too out of character for him. What I have just read here has set back race relations so many years. We need to move past it as we all have the same rights in America now.

Whoever the fuck it was that was writing about weezy kissing baby is mentally handicapped I mean that in the nicest way possible. All you people saying that Eminem is afaggot, who really gives a fuck. But calling gay folks faggot is the same as calling African Americans niggers, or white people crackers, or Chinese people Chinks, etc. If you guys really think you can rap better than em, do me a favor put out an album that sells 11 million. Also do me a favor, do songs with jay, 50, dre, busta, xzibit, jadakiss, and outshine them.

Also come up as white dude and make it huge in a black dominated culture who is loved and respected by most of the artists in that culture.

well. think

Em is the only white dude I really like and respect in the rap game and he is merely in my top 5. Eminem has put out a bunch of classic albums this one was merely a disappointment. Get your heads out of your ass and stop being racist bigots. Especially seeing as how he is signed to a black dude, and makes lots of money for other black dudes.

All you morons that are talking about the white people and this and that are fucking idiots.

seems brilliant

Why dont you go back to school and learn how to spell, maybe graduate, go to college, do something usefull with your life. You make yourselfs look bad by saying nigga this or nigga that.

And dis and dat are not words last time I checked!!!! Stupid ass morons. All I have to say is that I am happy to live in Canada. While admitidly racism still exists here, we are light years ahead of you Americans. I love how white people tell Blacks to go back to Africalike they were here first? It is irrelevant. They were genuinely surprised and pissed. This is damage control. There is no way Em knew the extent of the stunt. My first rap song was Boyz in the Hood by Eazy, and been listening and hooked ever since.

Anybody saying EM is not one of the best to ever do it are completely ingorant. Best ever? Maybe, seriously. And I know both, all albums, by heart. I guess my question to racism is why?

Jun 01,   What better way to welcome Eminem back to the media spotlight than by sitting on his face on live television in ass-less chaps. Which is exactly what Borat funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen did last. Jun 04,   Pitch Perfect Riff-Off with Anna Kendrick & The Filharmonics - Duration: The Late Late Show with James Corden Recommended for you.

I understand resentments against another person for wrongdoing however, I feel that we should forgive but not forget idk for those of you that hate, I pray for your soul this is not how God meant it to be.

His best friend from childhood was black R. Proof and his group D is as well. Eminem did not create slavery nor did he have any part in slaughtering native Americans.

He also has repeatedly been shown as friendly toward gays, and has many gay fans. The publicity, real or not, will continue to sell albums; the hip hop industry needs this as much as the rest of the industry. I know Em to be very intelligent and someone who loves attention as he knows controversy will help his sales.

On a side note, the people from Canada, fuck your snob attitude about Americans-there are a lot of ignorant fools in your own country. Either way, the MTV movie awards are not particularly formal affairs and are yearly the cause of controversy for different people.

THAT was the irony. Dogg ur retarded if you think thats really Jessica Simpson singin on the hook. Like really? I have to say, holy shit people!! Can anybody think for themselves anymore? Theres a HUGE difference. I want a appology. Oh dear lord this shit is funny. How they hell do you go from a gay bitch to a racist bitch in just a few days? What is wrong with you people? Does your stupidity confuse you, as it is confusing the hell out of me.

Do you realize no matter what you say or do, you will never in your entire lives be Eminem, nor will you knock him down.

Jun 03,   Three days ago at the MTV Movie Awards, Sacha Baron Cohen caused a firestorm as "Bruno" when he landed ass first on speculated for the days whether the stunt was staged or real, with everyone speaking except the man himself. Breaking his silence, Em spoke exclusively to Rap Radar about the entire "ordeal". Eminem was accused of suffering an immediate sense of humour failure when he stormed out of the MTV Awards after falling victim to Sacha Baron . Jun 01,   Crazy Ass White Gurl! said you want to know what i think about this WHOLE DAMN THING i really think its pathetic and childish people have there own opinons and thats life and mtv is all fuckin drama drama drama save that shit for some eles who cares get a life and for once everyone should take there own addvise ps. KEEP YOUR PATHETIC COMMENTS TO .

The man is sitting back laughing at all of you, because he knows you haters are just jealous. I cannot believe race was brought up out of this. What country are you all living in, because the one I live in, is tired of the race card, and time to fold your hand if that is all you have to play. What Eminem did on that show was called marketing, look it up online, or fuck it, take a class in College on it. When you want to sell something, you do what ever it takes to get the word out.

What he did on MTV was a damn good job, he had buzz for days on it, and people were buying more of his album, and he is still in the top spot. The man knows how to sell himself, and you dumb as fucks, are just fueling his fire, giving him bigger flames to shine off.

He is not a sell out, he is fucking genius, and will out smart you morons out there any day.

opinion you are

That is why he is, and always will be on top. Most of you just need to take a fucking pill to mellow your damn asses out, taking this shit to personal, you do not even know the man, and you act like he just fucked you in the ass with out using lube first, and burned your ass good.

It was a joke people, get over it already. All u race haters get a life,and while ur at it do some family history and u will find nearly everyone came from the same place,fucking morons,hope your death is through someone u racially villified,maggots!! Bullsheet this nigga is just but hurt, he was wearin an all black outfit during the night that picture obviously is bullsheet. People please. It was a stunt that went wrong for em. I feel bad for em cuz even if it was a stunt by him, i say goodbye streetcred and have fun tryin to rap about how funny it was that you had balls practically in ur mouth.

Re: person who called me doggway to pick up on the true points I was making. No one seems to know who it is, so a-plus to you, the subtle genius. How the hell did racism get into this in the first place?

It was just a joke and we should all stop fighting over th racism thing and get over it. I hate rascim. Why did you guys start with the rasicm thing in the first place? The shut up about it. How did you start talking about that on a thing that interviews Eminem? And the gay thing! Cool n Out. Your comments are very racial. What, you gotta be black to rap? I agree, it may have been about our money or publicity but evry rapper out there plays that game.

Enjoy your trip home and appreciate the liberty you are given in the usa to speak your mind, no matter how ignorant your comments are. Atleast he throws in some emotion to some of his raps. You have so much hatered, how about going to see a psychologist. Seriously, if you have so much hate for Eminem then dont watch his performance or listen to his music.

Its that simple.

opinion, the

If you keep having so much hate then you going to keep bringing more and more onto yourself. My opinion Not that anyone asked for it. I have respect for those who can rise up out of the tragedy in their lives and rather than become a statistic, write the book on how to overcome adversity. Yes, he has a drug problem, however, he is in recovery.

valuable piece join

I would like to meet the man or woman whose life is perfect. These entertainers put themselves in the spotlight and expose themselves full monty and we eat them alive.

How many of us could do what they do and have people delving into every closet looking for skeletons? They seem to have no privacy and there is no honor among the press. I think that Eminem is talented and brave for putting his deepest, darkest thoughts and secrets out there, and adding a little defensive humor along the way. What a great collaboration between Eminem and Sacha Cohen. Not only are they known for their crazy antics but also their insane costume choices too. Damn people when are you gonna figure it out, we need to bond together, no matter what color you are!

We are all human beings!! I agree this whole blog looks like something that would have been written years ago, have we not learned anything? Thats right, we were here first!

Nobody could get along then, and still seems that way, what a shame!

authoritative answer

I guess the Indians have better things to do than sit around all day and type on the net about things that cant be changed, or the past. I try very hard not to have hate in my heart for anyone regardless of their colorthats not what matters, its whats in their hearts and minds, but when I see people still teaching their children hate for other races it makes me sick to my stomach!

Hate just comes from pure ignorance and living in the past!

are not right

You people need to do some reading and research before you all start running your mouths! God Bless this country, we sure need it right now! Doesnt make a shit to me, its not my life, or my reputation!

Jun 02,   Great tv. Bruno''s ass on Eminem''s face. The outrageous Cohen, promoting his upcoming movie "Bruno" in which the British actor plays a gay Austrian fashionista, who brought the house down. Jun 03,   Movies Eminem Talks About Bruno Incident At MTV Movie Awards 'I'm thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it,' Eminem says. Jun 04,   In case there's anybody left unconvinced that Eminem's collision with Bruno's crotch at the MTV Movie Awards wasn't a spontaneous moment, Eminem has confirmed what the show's head writer has.

And for the gay community. I would be pissed. And, what the hell does race have to do with this? I thought this was about his interview. Nice way to get off topic. He puts everything about his life out there for us to hear and for people to criticize it. How many of you can honestly say that you can do that and not go crazy?

Weird al yankovich asked Em for permission to release his own version of an Em track and was denied, and I thought that was rather hypocritical of him like I said Em has really ripped alot of peoples art as well as carriers to shreds, i. I just thought He started to take himself way too seriously, after the Marshal mathers l.

Fuck all you haters!!!!!! Im from southwest detroit! All you jigs are just jealous of shady!!!!!!!!! Everyone knows that Eminem, Slim Shady, Mr. Eminem is a hell of an artist and knows how to get the peoples attention. Keep doing the damn thing Em.

Eminem "Laughed for Three Hours" After Staged Bruno Stunt

Eminem and his people are trying to control what you think. The truth was there before our eyes. Eminem comes out and says he was in on it. And the media go ahead and report his explanation as the truth? He went back to his hotel and laughed for 3 hours? He and Sacha rehearsed the 69 earlier? So he planned on having everyone talking about a gay act the next day rather than his excellent live performance?

And Dre was down with it too?

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